BIG bubble bursts, BIG Bank Check Bounces.

BIG’s latest enterprise failed to live up to its promise and Big Bank has suffered a 140 million loss even before any members of the public used its services.

“Not a single loan has been made,” were the words that Tornsoul used to describe the current state of the BIG Bank, “except one 'test loan' from an interested shareholder. This will be a heavy blow to investors who believed they would be getting huge dividends from the scheme after BIG's previous success”. What is worse is that the Big Bank has suffered its first loss. “It’s a bit of a shocker, so in fact the BMBE is in the red as 140M has been spent on eve-radio advertisements, part of the reason is of course that 'the word hasn’t spread enough yet."

Big Corporation is famous across the galaxy for its lottery and also the BIG Deal a blueprint sharing scheme that has seen many young corps helped into Battleship production. Tornsoul expects to be heavily criticised for the disappointing success of the Big Bank by her investors.

Business analysts suspect that Big Corporation is wealthy enough to survive the loss induced by the Big Bank enterprise. Tornsoul also explains that the Big Lottery is still successful and that its beginning weren’t easy either. “Well it was a tough beginning but the past year or so it seems to have 'levelled' out at a 'reasonable' amount of participants each time. I'd say the biggest success of the BIG Lottery is that it's still around after nearly 3 years. It has mostly seen cash prizes ranging from anywhere from a few million ISK, in the VERY early days, up to 1.75B in cash prizes in a single round. Not to mention a few very special ships on a few occasions as well, the Imperial Issue Apocalypse and the Imperial Issue Armageddon”.

The second scheme BIG made available to the galaxy was the BIG Deal a blueprint part share scheme which became a great success. Ms. Tornsoul explained how it had been helping young corps for almost three years. “The BIG Deal is a simply scheme to get into the Battleship building business at an 'entry level'. BIG Buys the Battleship BPO's and BIG Deal clients - can then buy 'shares' in these - 1/10th shares, and for each share they own they get one BPC each week. This is ideal for people not being able to fully utilize a full print or for those who simply cannot afford it. Over time you can buy all 10 shares and when you get the 10th share BIG hands over the researched BPO to you.”

Ms. Tornsoul remains hopeful and believes that the BIG Bank will take customers when “word gets around”. The news of its disappointing success and initial loss was announced last Sunday and has been met with words of encouragement from all factions.

If you are interested in the BIG Bank or any other of the BIG deals please go here for more information.