Civil war at an end – new hope for Deklein coalition.

DEKLEIN. Last fortnight saw the end of the civil war between the Northern Freedom Coalition and the Freelancer Alliance. The conflict had been brought about by rogue individuals in the NFC feeding false information to their leaders in order to break up the coalition between the two alliances. Peace was restored after diplomats from both sides met to negotiate the terms of a ceasefire.

Avril Dewar, who recently took over the presidency of the NFC commented that at the time one person in NFC had been giving misleading intelligence to its leadership stating that “FLA were not following the rules and wanted Deklein for themselves.” She went on to explain that additional intelligence had suggested a massive build-up of warships and armaments by the FLA which led to her predecessors taking hostile action in the apparent defence of NFC.

Commenting on the events leading up to the war, Dragonmorph of the FLA explained that the rogue pilot had “engineered a campaign of miss-information and distrust” against his alliance which had led to the breakdown of the coalition. Attributing the motivations of this person to greed, he explained that the station holding corporation which had been managed by members of both alliances had been ‘infiltrated’ and the FLA members relieved of their control. When the decision was made by NFC to lower office rents and refinery taxes from twenty million ISK and 15% to five million ISK and 5% respectively, it seemed to be “too much to bear for those who had been lining their own pockets for so long.”

Dragonmorph also explained how the pilots of Burn Eden and Alektorophobia alliance, who were “long standing friends and trading partners” of the FLA had come to the aid of the beleaguered alliance during the conflict. He said that as a primarily industrial alliance with huge amounts of assets committed to the region and no real hope of defending them or escaping, morale was low until their allies arrived. “The effect on our members was electric! Industrialists became warriors. We instigated ship replacement programmes that attracted more of our empire members to join the fight for justice and equality.”

Shin Ra of Burn Eden explained their motivations for helping the FLA; “This conflict occurred through power and greed of a few individuals. We saw this as an injustice of the highest order.” She went on to add that although the pilots of Burn Eden were normally regarded as “people without morals” they felt that the situation was wrong and warranted their direct intervention.

With the aid of Burn Eden and Alektorophobia, the Freelancer Alliance was able to retake the station in the 3JN9-Q solar system, and use it to levy peace talks with the NFC. Dragonmorph remarked that “With our friends we gained the upper hand. We could have pressed home the advantage. However, domination has never been our aim; the decision was made to once again invite our aggressors to talks.” Commenting on the talks, Avril Dewar explained that Alektrophobia had been instrumental in negotiating the peace treaty; “Following FLA taking the 3JN9-Q station, the Alektrophobia leader approached NFC and FLA with a set of terms which he believed suited both parties, after some discussion they were accepted by both sides.”

With the ceasefire holding, both alliances seem optimistic about the future and the success of the Deklein coalition. In his closing remarks Dragonmorph explained that although there were challenges ahead, he has found the new NFC leadership to be open to suggestions and feels that the FLA “can work alongside them to help maintain a happier and safer homeland for all of us.” Avril Dewar had similar comments, explaining that she hoped NFC, FLA and the other coalition members could “work together to build a strong, defendable region that can support our allies in the north.”