Ishukone executives called to Chief Executive Panel hearing

New Eden News | YC116-04-07

BREAKING NEWS - Nugoeihuvi News has confirmed that the presence of Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola and the corporation's Board of Directors has been demanded in a CEP hearing to take place this evening.

The demand, believed to be the first of its kind issued in over two decades, centers around allegations of corruption and inappropriate foreign relations which Ishukone's leadership will answer to in front of the special CEP hearing.

Upon issuing the demand, Hein Karnuras, Director of Internal Security for the Chief Executive Panel briefed the assembled interstellar media by confirming that "these allegations are being treated with the utmost seriousness, and those citizens who are concerned with the actions of Ishukone over the last twelve months may rest assured that these concerns will be put to rest."

Ishukone released a response to its employees this afternoon, ressuring their workforce that "these malicious and completely baseless accusations will be proven to be just that" and that "Ishukone's legacy as a corporation that believes diplomacy is a more powerful tool than gunfire will continue to be forged."

The corporation has remained tight-lipped in the face of questions from external press, other than a short statement from Chief Executive Mens Reppola, made while boarding a corporate transport bound for New Caldari. CEO Reppola offered his "regret that the CEP have chosen to escalate the situation" before concluding "ultimately, however, it will be they who regret this unseemly delving into Ishukone's affairs."