Ishukone meets with Gallente Senate on Caldari Prime

New Eden News | YC116-03-20

LUMINAIRE - Media outlets across the State were thrown into a frenzy of activity this morning after it was revealed that the Ishukone Corporation's administrative directorate on Caldari Prime have initiated private talks with the Gallente Senate.

Originally reported by the chief Caldari Prime correspondent for Nugoeihuvi, the revelation came after a convoy of Ishukone branded transports arrived in central Arcurio this morning, flanked by an armed escort of Mordu's Legion's 31st Armored Division vehicles. The convoy reportedly made its way into downtown Arcurio, before heading for the Federal Embassy complex where they were granted access beyond its heavily guarded perimeter.

Since footage of the convoy was released across the State in Nugoeihuvi's midday news broadcast, reaction has ranged from muted disapproval to visible outrage from various organizations within the State, over Ishukone's increasingly close cooperation with the Federal government.

A number of sources within the State have indicated that both Lai Dai and Kaalakiota have approached the Chief Executive Panel with concerns relating to Ishukone's continued distancing from the rest of the big eight, their relations with the Federal Government, and their monopolistic hold on Caldari operations on Caldari Prime.

While many major corporations have remained reserved with their responses to the news, Kaalakiota's press office conveyed the corporation's disappointment over Ishukone's lack of communication with the Chief Executive Panel since taking over administrative responsibility of the Caldari controlled areas on Caldari Prime.

With news of further progress on Caldari Prime, and rumors abound that Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola may be en route to Caldari Prime to attend talks in person, Ishukone's stock prices continue a slow but steady recovery toward their value before the YC110 attacks in Malkalen.