Secure Commerce Commission press conference concludes YC115 financial retrospective

New Eden News | YC116-01-23

YULAI - The SCC closed the interstellar ledgers for the YC115 fiscal year this afternoon, bringing an official end to a time period whose steady but miniscule economic growth is increasingly falling behind the immense activity in the capsuleer-run industry.

Within Imperial borders, the markets continue to remain relatively stable, with most corporations posting financial reports that fall within expected ranges. Heavy industry in the Empire has seen a small slump in profit, however, particularly in the operating income for both HZO Refinery and Ducia foundry, who attributed their downturn to "the increasing presence of independently-organized capsuleer strip mining operations in the border regions."

The Federal economy performed as expected throughout YC115, despite conflict in Luminaire at the end of quarter one and a moderate downturn in tourism-generated revenue in the months following Operation Highlander. Duvolle Laboratories attributed a marginal rise in net income to the success of several of its latest small arms models that have proved popular in private military contracting circles, while Material Acquisition topped the Federal growth tables for its successful administration of Gallente districts on Caldari Prime.

Boundless Creation also posted a marginal revenue rise in the Republic, along with figures indicating further investment in both research and development and starship technologies. The continued sense of Tribal unity within Matari borders after the conclusion of the Tribal Assembly in December has spurred the economy into a slow rate of growth, after four years of remaining relatively dormant.

In the State, several corporations revealed a return to stability, including Kaalakiota under the leadership of temporarily reinstated Chief Executive Haatakan Oiritsuu. The most notable figures were submitted by the Ishukone Corporation who, similarly to Material Acquisition but on a larger scale, have benefitted immensely from their administration of the Caldari districts on Caldari Prime.

Attribting their significant increase in revenue to "the goodwill of both the Caldari and Gallente populations of Caldari Prime", significant investment in research and development through their partner corporation Zainou Biotech, and "an increasingly profitable and amicable administrative relationship with Material Acquisition", Ishukone representatives were congratulated by delegates from the Gallente corporation on the start of what appears to be a financial turnaround, after a number of years close to default.