Inner Circle Call Short Notice Wormhole Summit

New Eden News | YC116-10-31

YULAI - The Scope has learned that a special short notice summit has been called by Keraimo Hakanuro, Chief Investigating Officer of CONCORD's Inner Circle, in order to further discuss the report on changes in Sleeper activity in recent months.

At this time, the intended outcome of the summit is still unknown, however a number of notable scientists in the field of Sleeper behavioral research and astrophysics from the Science and Trade Institute and Center for Advanced Studies have been seen arriving at Inner Circle headquarters. Representatives from Duvolle Laboratories, Zero G Research and Propel Dynamics are also apparently on route to join the summit, most likely to provide technical and engineering expertise.

In addition to this, renowned wormhole expert and DED Officer Vieve Creston, as well as Sister Anza Sagera of the Sisters of EVE and Matshi Raish of the Society of Conscious Thought have all been confirmed as arriving in Yulai within the last few hours.

When approached for further information, Public Relations and Press contacts for the CONCORD Assembly declined to comment on the current situation.