Provist Tovas Tagahaiken slain in Akkio

New Eden News | YC116-04-13

Akkio - Provist commander Tovas Tagahaiken was slain after a sustained firefight in Akkio earlier today. Tagahaiken, one of the Provist militants who had stolen a number of Caldari Navy capital ships, was found in orbit of the third planet in the solar system. Flying a Chimera-class carrier, he was escorted by a trio of stolen Caldari Navy Ravens. Despite a strong resistance from the Provist forces, they were eventually destroyed.

CONCORD records show that 815 pilots were involved in the combat, which lasted just over an hour, though it is not clear if everyone was fighting against the Provists. Sources indicate at least some number of capsuleers assisted the Provists with remote repairing, though it is unclear if this was done with serious intent to save them.

The final blow on the carrier was recorded by DeviLee, Lejandra Sikestor dealt the most damage, and Gorski Car slew the capsule. The Caldari Navy is still awaiting retrieval of the corpse of Tagahaiken and an analysis of the kill reports to determine who will receive the remaining bounties.