Provists escape Taisy due to Pandemic Legion assistance

New Eden News | YC116-04-19

Taisy - Three Provists piloting stolen Caldari Navy Chimeras escaped Taisy after the capsuleer alliance Pandemic Legion protected them from the fleets that had come to destroy them. Numerous capsuleer ships were destroyed, both by the carriers and Pandemic Legion forces, without any Provist losses. After roughly 45 minutes of combat, the Provist forces thanked Pandemic Legion for their assistance, declared their operation complete, and then jumped out of the system to an unknown destination.

The Caldari Navy has characterized the escape as a major setback. "It had seemed that the prior operations had proven large capsuleer alliances could work alongside the empires when justice is on the line," said Wing Commander Hikemi Korrado. "Unfortunately, this event proves that they cannot all be trusted to act in the best interests of interstellar prosperity. Hopefully this is an isolated incident and not indicative of the future."

According to the Navy, the bounties remain on the heads of the three pilots. The nature of the Provist objective in Taisy is currently unknown.