Gallente Federal Elections Commission Sets Presidential Election Date

New Eden News | YC116-11-16

VILLORE - The Gallente Federal Elections Commission has announced that the Federation presidential election will be held on the 29th of January YC117. The inauguration of the Federation President will take place on the 26th of February.

The announcement from the Federal Elections Commission follows a legislative request from the Federal Senate to regularize the timetable for federal elections. The extraordinary presidential election held in YC111, following the ouster of former President Souro Foiritain, was considered to have introduced an undesirable timetabling anomaly into the presidential and senate electoral cycle. Additionally, the Elections Commission has established a new five-year cycle of senate elections introducing a system whereby a fifth of all senators will be elected each year.

Federal election reform has been an ongoing source of contention within the political system since the highly controversial occupied territories 'No Vote' bill was passed in the run up to the presidential election of YC111. As well as providing for annual refreshment of the Senate's composition, the reforms package includes a new 'quadruple lock' on the right to vote in federal elections. The lock prevents disenfranchisement of federal territories without a two-thirds majority vote of the Federal Senate followed by the agreement of two-thirds of all System Governors, the Federal Military Commission, and the Federation President.

While some have expressed disquiet at a role for the military in federal election law, it is well-known that many high-ranking officers were outraged by the 'No Vote' bill and lobbied to have it overturned. The Federal Elections Commission has confirmed that all Federal Districts will be participating in the January election under the new arrangements.