Boundless Creations reveals technological breakthrough

New Eden News | YC116-03-15

HAGILUR - Rumors of a significant breakthrough in gravity well generation technology were confirmed by Boundless Creations earlier today, after leaked holo recordings that showed prototype hardware were received by The Scope yesterday evening.

The footage shows testing of the most compact gravity well generator ever built, according to a press release made by Dr. Bogekur Alpur, Chief Researcher for Boundless Creations, earlier this afternoon.

Dr. Alpur refrained from giving specific details relating to the new generation system, but confirmed that "this technology has been successfully redesigned to occupy a footprint less than 12% of its original size. With this in mind, the portability and flexibility of gravity well generation systems has reached a new peak, and we are now in a position where we could consider harnessing the technology on a smaller, more mobile platform."

Military analysts from both the Federal Intelligence Office and Republic Security Services have unanimously praised the research, with a number of key figures in the world of defense contracting in agreement that the breakthrough may have a number of beneficial applications, both military and commercial.

Closing out his statement, Dr. Alpur reiterated that "this breakthrough would not have been possible without the incredible minds, skill and dedication of some of the finest physicists and engineers in the cluster. These are the same minds behind the subsystems for both the Muninn class Heavy Assault Ship and the Wolf, which both remain staple hulls in the Republic Fleet to this day."

When approached for comment regarding the potential security and military implications of the breakthrough, the Imperial Navy declined to comment on the press release from Boundless Creations.