Directive Enforcement Department: "Unusual Nation Activity In Oasa"

New Eden News | YC116-11-25

BREAKING NEWS - CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department has released a revised security alert for CZ-06R, a constellation in the outer region of Oasa. In the update, issued during the last hour, the DED cited "unusual and unexplained activity of Sansha's Nation incursion forces" as the cause for the revised alert.

A number of independent security forces have reported that earlier this week a large scale incursion of Nation's True Power division emerged in the CZ-06R constellation. They further report that for some six days the incursion fleet has controlled the area with no contest from local capsuleer forces. Despite their overwhelming superiority in the constellation, observers reported that Nation forces abruptly began "evacuating star systems without using wormholes" at approximately 13:45 Eve Standard Time today.

After issuing the revised alert, Brigadier General Odo Korachi of the DED's Genesis Fleet assured the assembled press that "all avenues of investigation are being explored to ascertain the reason for the sudden disappearance of thousands of hostile True Power vessels." General Korachi added: "At this time, we are unsure if this change in the normal pattern of a Nation incursion is an attempt at luring curious pilots into the area in order to stage a large scale ambush, or if there are other reasons for the withdrawal of True Power forces from CZ-06R. We advise all pilots to remain clear of the area until a thorough investigation has been conducted."

Scope News has confirmed with CONCORD sources that substantiated reports from cargo runners and caravan pilots describe large numbers of Sansha's Nation vessels rapidly leaving the constellation using both the regional stargate network and off-grid deadspace stargates known to the local smuggler community. Several of these reports agree that the Nation fleets were heading out of Oasa and into the Cobalt Edge region.