Ishukone Accepts Formal Handover Of Arcurio

New Eden News | YC116-07-01

LUMINAIRE - The Chief Executives of Ishukone and Material Acquisition placed their signatures on an agreement that concluded the formal handover of the City of Arcurio to Caldari Administration this afternoon.

The ceremony occurred in front of the Operation: Highlander memorial in District 24 of the city and was greeted with a roaring cheer from employees of both corporations as Mens Reppola and Ontre Ildrie shared a handshake after the official handover of the city. The agreement specifies that the city, which is still regarded as the historical and cultural capital of the Caldari State, is now formally placed under Ishukone administration with Mordu's Legion Command continuing to provide global security and policing for the planet.

In a press conference after the ceremony, Ontre Ildrie expressed his satisfaction with the smoothness of the transition, hailing Ishukone's "openness, professionalism and diligence in ensuring that the correct criteria for handover were met". Similarly, newly appointed Commanding Officer for Mordu's Legion Command's presence on the planet, Strike Commander Tsuni Aina, praised both corporations on their "incredibly professional approach to an extremely sensitive and important matter."

While small scale unrest in several of Arcurio's outlying districts has been reported by local news agencies, there have been no reports of injury or property damage, and Mordu's Legion Security Forces have been quick to quell any disturbances in the wake of the handover.