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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Unusual hobby sweeps backwater Amarr system

  • YC109-07-18

    NAHOL - An unusual hobby has taken the small, backwater Amarr system of Nahol by storm; Thousands of Amarrians have begun growing sweet pod melons. Everyone, from young children to even a few Holders have begun growing the melons and competing each other to see who can grow the largest melons in the fastest period of time. The sweet pod melon is a native of the lush jungles of Intaki Prime. It has a dark yellowish skin and elongated, round shape. For centuries, the fruit has been harvested and [...]

    Intaki Bank secures funding for Syndicate R&D program

    • YC109-07-17

      POITOT, SYNDICATE - The Intaki Bank has secured funding for an extensive interstellar R &D; program, its spokesman revealed during a delayed Quarterly Reports meeting today. The project will be run on behalf of parent body The Syndicate - which was recently granted licenses to key astromechanical patents - and while no official confirmation has been given, most analysts agree it will be almost certainly focused on starship technology. Intaki Bank CFO Mesybier Echard refused to comment on the nature of [...]

      "Harmless prank" leads to massive battery shortage (UPDATED)

      • YC109-07-06

        LONETREK - What began as a children's prank has blossomed into a minor crisis for a Caldari Steel Factory in the Anin system. The prank, initiated by two teenagers whose names have not been released by officials, has causes millions of ISK worth of damage and has left the station perilously low on Hydrogen Batteries, which it uses to power many of its non-essential functions. The prank was meant to cause one of the teens' schoolmates to show up to classes the next day showing signs of inebriation and [...]

        Interview with the Interstellar Gaming Consortium

        • YC109-07-02

          Racing has been a commonly seen pod pilot sporting event for years, with the most famous example being the Caldari COLOSSUS race series. Over the last year, however, the pod-pilot organized Interstellar Gaming Consortium has institutionalized the practice of pod pilot racing to a degree not seen before. Where previous races have either been one shot events or short series, the ISGC Racing League is on its third season complete with corporate sponsorship from pod pilot organizations, of which the most [...]

          Caldari Gaming Commission will no longer host the Alliance Tournaments

          • YC109-07-02

            Dabel Kaelikohani, founder of the Caldari Gaming Commission (CGC), announced yesterday that the Alliance Tournament will no longer be hosted by the Commission. Kaelikohani released a statement to all major news agencies concerning the future of the CGC. In the statement Kaelikohani explained why he felt that hosting the Tournament was no longer a feasible business venture for the CGC ' After much deliberation the management of the CGC has come to the conclusion that hosting the Tournament will not be [...]

            Further Riots in the Caldari State

            • YC109-06-23

              CALDARI STATE - Various systems in the Caldari State are enjoying an uneasy peace following days of rioting orchestrated by the Brothers of Freedom Movement. Their aim has been the attempted overthrowing of local authorities in a number of cities in Kisogo, Sireshin, Hogimo, Nouvukaiken, and Aikoro. However, backed by the Caldari Navy, local police now hold the streets in the affected areas. Armed mobs of substantial numbers had taken to the streets in a clear threat to the local status quo, with the [...]

              Gallente Federation celebrates Federation Day

              • YC109-06-17

                SINQ LAISON - On the 16th of June 109, pilots from all parts of the Gallente Federation gathered together in the Aunia system to begin celebrations for the 228th anniversary of the founding of the Gallente Federation. This annual event is known to both pod-pilots and planetside citizens as Federation Day, a celebration of the diversity of the Federation and the values it upholds. The festivities this year were arranged by the CEO of Lutin Corp, Bruno Bonner, who began the evening with a fireworks [...]

                Navy Report released on May Massacre: Guardian Shadows Resist Arrest

                • YC109-06-14

                  NEW CALDARI: The Caldari Navy has released a report on the incident at New Caldari on the 12th of May, 109 and the status of the ongoing investigation. The main culprit in the attack, Weyln Xemal of the Guardian Shadows Corporation, has gone into hiding after his wingmen were killed resisting arrest. Commander Kusgarl of the Caldari Navy issued the report detailing this turn of events. It opens with a section dealing with the events in new Caldari that officially confirms the details of the massacre. [...]

                  Espionage scandal causes INNVA ruin

                  • YC109-06-05

                    The tale of Innovaatio Varustukset (INNVA) reached a new low on Sunday the 3rd. Hours after its sale to Ishukone was finalized, the main research station of INNVA was attacked and destroyed, wiping out years of work and ruining the company financially. Behind everything was a Nugoeihuvi Corporation employee, pulling the strings of several high profile corporations, including pod pilots. Early on the 3rd, Kaalakiota (KK) withdrew its objection to the sale of INNVA from the Caldari Business Tribunal. [...]

                    RSS tasked with hunting down Bloody Hands of Matar

                    • YC109-06-05

                      The Minmatar Republic Parliament late last week tasked the Republic Security Services, the Republic's intelligence arm, with hunting down an organization known as the "Bloody Hands of Matar." The order was issued as a direct result of the Bloody Hands' bombing of an Egbonbet space station on the 23rd of May, an act which took the lives of 42 people, among them Faulk Stian, an Ammatar consulate ambassador attending peace talks being held between the Ammatar Mandate and the Minmatar Republic. Adrand [...]

                      Dozens believed dead as explosion rocks Egbonbet station

                      • YC109-05-24

                        At approximately 22:50 EVE Time last night, a bomb exploded in the Republic Parliament Bureau station in Egbonbet, the station scheduled to host the next round of talks between the Minmatar Republic and the Ammatar Mandate. The explosion tore into a civilian habitat section of the station and severed several transport corridors, catching the Ammatar delegation and killing one of the Mandate consulate members. According to Republic Security officials, the bomb was a crude high-yield device which [...]

                        Anti-State protests in New Caldari spark violence.

                        • YC109-05-22

                          Just as it cleared itself from one scandal, the State has found itself mired in another, as a freighter belonging to the Anti-State movement the Brothers of Freedom was downed in New Caldari. The death toll currently stands at approximately 65,000, with final numbers almost impossible to attain. It is understood that a Charon freighter piloted by Uhaera Kuomai, a member of the Brothers of Freedom, was destroyed approximately 100km from the Chief Executive Panel station in New Caldari, where it was [...]

                          Innovaatio Varustukset scientists kidnapped; rescued

                          • YC109-05-18

                            Late on Wednesday the 16th, a science vessel owned by Caldari military research corporation Innovaatio Varustukset was attacked in the Litiura system. The lone surviving scientist was then kidnapped and taken to Guristas space, where he was later rescued by an Internal Security fleet and returned to Caldari space. The science vessel, a modified Manticore-class Stealth Bomber, was returning from field testing the top secret Innovaatio cloaking device, rumored to revolutionize cloaking technology [...]

                            Caldari Gaming Commission found guilty of tax fraud

                            • YC109-05-18

                              The committee investigating the alleged tax fraud presented its findings to the Chief Executive Panel earlier today. The committee concluded that 'the Caldari Gaming Commission (CGC) is guilty of tax evasion for trying to hide 3.4 billion isk from the State.' The CEP has announced that they will abide by the decision of the committee, lead by Prof. Sari Hazel, and will act on the recommendations given. 'We (the CEP) have reached an agreement to accept the conclusion stated in the report. We [...]

                              Summertime snow continues to fall in the State.

                              • YC109-05-14

                                Suspicions continue to rise in the interstellar community, following a new round of accusations between the warring nations; this time voiced by concerned citizens directly to capsuleer populations in two systems. Startling new claims were made, fuelling further tension and adding more confusion to the already complex international situation. Last Tuesday evening, pilots in the Perimeter and Luminaire systems were hailed over local comms by citizens of their respective nations, each of them pressing [...]

                                Chemal Tech collaboration raises suspicions.

                                • YC109-05-08

                                  A recent meeting between Chemal Tech and Eifyr & Co. officials has raised suspicion in the wider interstellar community, sparking renewed concern and inviting a fresh round of conspiracy theories about the shady Krusual-backed Eifyr. The meeting itself appeared innocuous enough on the surface; a small gathering of representatives discussing mutually beneficial research and development agreements – the likes of which happen all the time between the Federation and Republic. The Krusual tribe however, [...]

                                  Ammatar Governor comments on Matari/Ammatar Talks

                                  • YC109-05-07

                                    Ibrar Ondagoi, the Governor of Ammatar, yesterday afternoon released a statement claiming the Amarr government was “informed well in advance” of the Ammatar Consulate’s intention of entering into talks with the Minmatar Republic. The reason the talks were kept secret, the statement says, is that “neither the Empire nor its mandate wanted to give opportunistic hatemongers a reason to incite violence in protest of peaceful communication.” The Governor issued his statement after several meetings with [...]

                                    Innovaatio Varustukset laboratory robbed

                                    • YC109-05-06

                                      HENTOGAIRA - The problems for military development firm Innovaatio Varustukset, recently the center of controversy as Ishukone's attempted purchase of it has been locked up in Caldari courts, are only getting worse. Late on the 27th April, one of the company's research laboratories, in the Hentogaira system, was the target of a break in. At exactly 23:30, the power to the lab was cut and what was described as a "blue, odorless gas" was pumped into its ventilation systems. The gas overwhelmed the [...]

                                      Caldari Gaming Commission under State investigation

                                      • YC109-04-30

                                        The Caldari State has agreed to open a fraud investigation into the Caldari Gaming Commission’s (CGC) recent activities, sources revealed yesterday. This follows repeated requests from the Mercantile Club and the Caldari Business Tribunal that an inquiry be made into the CGC's accounting history. The CGC has promised its full cooperation in the investigation. A spokesman said they expect to be cleared of all suspicion once the investigation has been concluded and its outcome is presented to the [...]

                                        Minmatar to rise above hatred: Midular speaks on discovery of Republic Parliament's secret talks with Ammatar Consulate

                                        • YC109-04-25

                                          As reported by the Scope this morning, according to documented sources from within the Republic Parliament, “top people” in the Republic’s governmental infrastructure have been involved in secret talks with representatives from the Ammatar Consulate for the past six days. The talks, all of which took place on Minmatar soil, covered such wide-ranging subjects as POW exchanges, Ndorian mining rights and the retraction of several long-standing war crime accusations on both sides. It is not known at this [...]

                                          Remaining royal houses speak out on succession debate

                                          • YC109-04-23

                                            With the debate over the succession still ongoing in the Empire, the Tash Murkon family called a short press conference to extend their opinion on the ongoing debate, one which they apparently feel affects their house greatly. Taridor Khiknizi spoke for house Tash Murkon and went on to say: "While we acknowledge and respect the views of the other Royal Houses, this Royal House is strongly against the racial implications of allowing only True Amarr to decide the next championship. The Empire was forged [...]

                                            The Cat's Whiskers caught in drugs crackdown.

                                            • YC109-04-18

                                              SINQ LAISON - The newly reformed Gallente Regional Drugs Squad (GRDS) of Federation Customs has already begun operating, executing a drugs raid against the Cat's Whiskers nightclub. The operation was lead by "Inspector Xavier", a Customs Officer with over twenty-five years of experience in anti-narcotics law enforcement. The recent upturn in the Federation economy has allowed Federation Customs to increase their staff numbers and the scope of their continuing operations against illegal booster [...]

                                              Federation Budget Report Released

                                              • YC109-04-17

                                                The Federation Government released its annual budget report last Wednesday afternoon, in a statement issued at the Senate’s final yearly sitting. Addressing a wide range of recent economic improvements, the report showed a financially healthy Federation geared towards a solid period of growth and consolidation. An excerpt of the release delivered by Presidential Spokesperson Yuri Meureux follows: _“The Federation has never been stronger, and it is clear to see that this is due to a sound foreign [...]

                                                Mordu's Legion launches Flagship vessel.

                                                • YC109-04-14

                                                  5ZXX-K - On Thursday 12th at approximately 11:00, the first of two planned Flagships was launched in the Mordu's HQ System. The vessel, christened ”Honour” , will be under the direct command of Colonel Akuras of the Mordu's Legion Command. The exact specifications of the ship remain unknown, although anonymous high-level sources have supported more widespread rumours that the vessel is a capital-class craft of some kind. The Legion itself has refrained from officially commenting on the ship type at [...]

                                                  Innovatio sale delayed by shocking allegations.

                                                  • YC109-04-12

                                                    NEW CALDARI - The acquisition of Innovaatio Varustukset by Ishukone Corporation, scheduled for April 11, was derailed by a last minute scandal when accusations of underhanded business dealings between the two corporations surfaced. The Chief Executive Panel of the Caldari State (CEP) has ordered a temporary halt on the sale to begin an inquiry into the matter. The trade which was set to occur at a ceremony held in station at New Caldari, was almost finalised when Kalaakiota Corporation representative [...]

                                                    Conditions Deplorable In Border Region Creches

                                                    • YC109-04-07

                                                      SIVALA - Caldari State officials have ordered the immediate closure of seven child creches across the Sivala, Yashunen and Iivinen systems after recent inspections deemed them not fit for human habitation. More than three dozen arrest warrants have been issued as a result of the alleged gross negligence displayed by the management and ownership of the closed facilities. The investigation into creche facilities both planetside and on stations within the border region has uncovered squalid conditions [...]

                                                      Innovaatio sells to Ishukone for surprising sum

                                                      • YC109-04-06

                                                        Innovaatio Varustukset, the military development corporation that was last week at the centre of a heated bidding war, has sold to Ishukone for a price of 680 billion ISK. The highest bid exceeded almost everyone’s expectations on the final sale price. Following an intense bidding war between almost all of the Caldari State MegaCorps, last week only three serious contenders remained: Ishukone, Lai Dai and Nugoeihuvi. After a tense round of final bids from the three corporations, it was revealed that [...]

                                                        Speaker of Truths saved by PIE Inc and Ordo Quaesitoris

                                                        • YC109-04-05

                                                          Last Sunday evening the Amarrian Speaker of Truths, Brother Joshua, was attacked by the Holland Reclamation and Salvage corporation en route to the Ordion system. Thanks to a capsuleer escort, however, he was able to proceed on his journey unharmed. Last week, Brother Joshua publicly announced his intention to travel through the Kor-Azor region in order to investigate “allegations of misconduct” on the behalf of Aritcio Kor-Azor, after getting permission from the Theology Council to conduct such an [...]

                                                          Succession debate rages on.

                                                          • YC109-04-03

                                                            At the most recent sitting of the Privy council, Pomikide Haromi, steward of House Sarum, voiced his house's express views on the recent succession debate. “House Sarum feels that the past open doors policy of ascension was patently ridiculous. We cannot and should not allow anyone but true Amarrians to decide the future of our glorious empire. It's no wonder that the last two chosen Emperors were such weaklings? It is time for Amarrians to stand for Amarr, stop kowtowing to these heathen Empires and [...]

                                                            Combat booster production begins on the frontier.

                                                            • YC109-03-27

                                                              Pilots desperate for any edge in space will rejoice at the news of the marketing of combat boosters by various capsuleer organisations. Initial batches are already hitting the markets and seeing use in battle as Corelum Syndicate and Hedonistic Imperatives lead the way, with their unique focus on black market commodities and services. In a press release issued last week, Corelum Syndicate stated that they were now taking orders for Exile combat boosters. This initial market push represents the [...]

                                                              Heir speaks out on succession as debate continues

                                                              • YC109-03-27

                                                                Last month witnessed an unprecedented request from Amarrian capsuleers that they be informed as to the progress of the investigation into the assassination of Emperor Doriam. Despite serving as a severe breach of protocol, the request sparked fervent academic debate within the Empire regarding the next Succession championships and what form they will take. While no outright dissent has been aired on the issue, it is no secret that the people of the Empire are growing impatient with the wait for a new [...]

                                                                Bidding War heats up for Military Development Corp

                                                                • YC109-03-26

                                                                  Innovaatio Varustukset, a small independent military development company, has found itself at the centre of an intense bidding war between the Caldari MegaCorps. The corporation, founded a decade ago by current CEO Markku Samuli, is unusual amongst Caldari entities in that it is entirely privately owned and run, without any connection to the larger Caldari MegaCorps. Whilst such approaches are traditionally a disadvantage in the ruthless economic battlegrounds of the State, the company's innovative [...]

                                                                  ISS Launches Caravan Fleet

                                                                  • YC109-03-25

                                                                    The Interstellar Starbase Syndicate has launched the first of its Caravan fleets on March 25, marking a new chapter in their history of innovation and zero-sec pioneering. The Carrier-led fleets will journey out to the recently uncovered regions, where they will conduct personal trades, as well as seed the markets with goods. Since the loss of their outposts, the future of the ISS had been somewhat uncertain, beyond general statements that they would continue to push for innovative approaches to zero- [...]

                                                                    Speaker of Truths appears at Liparer II

                                                                    • YC109-03-23

                                                                      Seconds before the largest settlements on Lipairer II was to be incinerated by the lasers of the Kor-Azor fleet, a Speaker of Truths appeared and demanded they hold their fire. Last week had seen the escalation of events on Liparer II with the Holders rising in near-rebellion against the rule of House Kor-Azor. The House's representative promptly gave a deadline for submission, adding that it would otherwise send a fleet to “completely obliterate all resistance”. As the Holders did not stand down, a [...]

                                                                      Independence “nothing to worry about” say analysts.

                                                                      • YC109-03-20

                                                                        Recent figures compiled by CONCORD statisticians have shown that despite the ever-increasing trend towards total capsuleer independence, the four Empires will still have a large core of loyal and capable supporters. The reports confirm a growing trend of support amongst the space bound class, and points towards an increasingly relaxed stance from all factions towards their rising independence. Just one example out of many is Siri Blue, a Gallente who has joined an elite group of capsuleers held in the [...]

                                                                        Kor-Azor situation escalates on Liparer II

                                                                        • YC109-03-16

                                                                          The Kor-Azor region continues to be the site of unrest, exemplified this week by the situation on Liparer II. The debacle began when Holder Keraci was overheard by visiting Kor-Azor courtiers as he told his wife that Aritcio Kor-Azor is ‘‘not fit to be Heir and belongs in a damn mental institution for his new regulations and sanctions.’’ When Aritcio heard word of what was being said on Liparer II he ordered that every Holder and his family on the planet would be stripped of his fine robes and dressed [...]

                                                                          Mysterious Death linked to Drug scarcity

                                                                          • YC109-03-15

                                                                            PLACID: The gruesome discovery of the body of a man identified as Bevarius Qolemar has been made in Osmeden, baffling investigators with the severity of injuries suffered showing signs of torture and alleged links to organised crime. The grisly remains of the victim, whom had been missing for a week were found in his quarters and whilst the exact cause of death is still under question, it has been reported that he was tortured over an extended period of time. Station security stated that they had [...]

                                                                            Karishal's Defiance ended

                                                                            • YC109-03-14

                                                                              PROVIDENCE – The war between Ushra’Khan and Curatores Veritatis Alliance took a new turn on Wednesday, and continues unabated with CVA taking control of the station system QR-K85 earlier. CVA had declared war on Imperial Order following a succession of incidents in the former's space that led IO to join forces with U'K but this appeared not enough to stem the tide. The initial target of the CVA and its allies appeared to be more of a strike at morale rather than a tactical push, with their initial [...]

                                                                              Republic unrest continues, Bloody Hands support grows.

                                                                              • YC109-03-05

                                                                                Matar - “One ISK for Midular” said many of the banners at a large protest rally held today. Local police forces estimated the attendance at around two million people, who packed the main promenade of Matar Prime. The protest, organized by political newcomer “Voices of Matar” party, coincided with marches all across the Republic as the government faces ever-growing anger and disillusionment. The Republic, already under fire for its heavy-handed handling of past protests, responded by stating that it [...]

                                                                                Theology Council Investigations continue

                                                                                • YC109-03-01

                                                                                  Acol Yarwema, Chief Operative of the Theology Council, issued a statement yesterday regarding the recent attacks on Theology Council assets. He announced that the Council's ongoing investigation into the attacks, including the interrogation of two recently apprehended pilots, has confirmed earlier suspicions regarding the identity and intentions of those responsible. The statement did not name the suspected attackers. Acol continued, "It is certain the capture of these suspects, aided by capsuleers [...]

                                                                                  Corporate Defection Causing Unrest at Border

                                                                                  • YC109-02-27

                                                                                    CALDARI BORDER - A surprise announcement by prominent Caldari State scientist Hirento Autinen has seen simmering tensions between the faction and their Gallente Federation counterparts rise to boiling point. Autinen shocked authorities with his plan to leave Kaalakiota for the new pastures of Chemal Tech, which would be a sickening blow for the Caldari company and state combined. During his leaving statement Autinen added fuel to the fire with several acerbic remarks about his former employer – [...]

                                                                                    Updated: Repeated attempts made on the life of Mind Clash Champion.

                                                                                    • YC109-02-25

                                                                                      LUMINAIRE. Already rising tensions between Caldari Steel and Roden Shipyards approached a critical point last Thursday as two separate attempts were made on the life of Mind Clash Champion Joelyn Donalokos, whose saving grace was a fully upgraded clone. After surviving the attacks, Donalokos managed to reach his destination of Caldari Prime, where he stated he would continue despite the events, and defend his title in this year’s tournament. It is understood that the corporation Raddick Explorations [...]

                                                                                      House Miyan agrees formal surrender to House Darabi

                                                                                      • YC109-02-24

                                                                                        JATARI - The formal surrender of House Miyan to House Darabi has been finalized a short while after House Miyan forces were defeated by a House Darabi fleet lead by Colonel Faibdash in the Fensi system. Despite reinforcements arriving on both sides, House Darabi held the Fensi system, and forced Holder Touraj Miyan to surrender to the attacking forces. In order to stop further bloodshed between the two houses, Touraj Miyan surrendered, despite the objections of the leader of his forces, Commodore [...]

                                                                                        Recent developments regarding Medusa virus.

                                                                                        • YC109-02-22

                                                                                          PLACID. New perspectives and incidents have come to light following the release a fortnight ago of a lethal virus, responsible for the deaths of many aboard a station in Stacmon. Involved parties such as the Star Fraction have sought to clear their name after becoming embroiled in controversy surrounding their destruction of a Sisters of Eve escort seeking to limit the damage caused. At the same time, new information has surfaced about the nature of the virus and potential cures. Widely known for [...]

                                                                                          Nine killed and dozens arrested in Dober Harn riots, protests increasing in frequency Republic-wide

                                                                                          • YC109-02-21

                                                                                            A bloody riot erupted yesterday evening at what was to be a peaceful rally in Gelfiven V metropolis Dober Harn. Hundreds of people had gathered at Liorren Square, the city’s most populous locale, to protest the Republic Parliament’s actions in recent weeks and the rule of Prime Minister Karin Midular. According to anonymous witnesses police cordoned off the area early on, an act which led to “a growing wave of dissonance” within the assembled crowd. A quarter of an hour into the proceedings, a [...]

                                                                                            Republic claims responsibility for rebel leader's death

                                                                                            • YC109-02-09

                                                                                              An official source from within the Minmatar Republic has said that the clearance for the February 1 death of splinter group leader Karishal Muritor came from the top level of Republic government. “The order for the operation was given by Prime Minister Karin Midular’s war cabinet and carried out by an Admiral of the Republic Fleet,” said the source at a press conference in Renyn yesterday afternoon. “We had determined through an extensive campaign of intelligence-gathering operations ... that Karishal [...]

                                                                                              Amarr overreaction 'no surprise,' says Matari Parliament head

                                                                                              • YC109-01-29

                                                                                                Head of Republic Parliament Malaetu Shakor yesterday commented on the Amarr Empire's reactions to Matari splinter group attacks in the Bleak Lands these past weeks, calling the Amarrians' response a gross overreaction, but an unsurprising one. In an interview with news outlet The Scope, Shakor expressed his belief that Imperial Chamberlain Dokuta Karsoth's hand had been "forced by egotism" into "doing whatever was necessary to salvage the Bleak Lands situation." This is in reference to the steady [...]

                                                                                                Warring houses hold peace summit in Kor-Azor Prime.

                                                                                                • YC109-01-16

                                                                                                  AMARR - Monday saw representatives of the Houses Darabi and Miyan meet in Kor-Azor Prime for talks to settle the recent hostilities between them. The peace talks were chaired by capsuleer Ashar KorAzor. The summit was attended by numerous pod pilots from corporations operating across Amarr space and elsewhere. Quickly settling down, Iraj Darabi, the Holder of House Darabi allowed Ambassador Kaselia to outline their objectives for the summit. These included a full apology by House Miyan to Iraj's [...]

                                                                                                  Bleak Lands nexus of mounting Minmatar/Amarr tensions

                                                                                                  • YC109-01-12

                                                                                                    Over the course of the past month and a half, The Bleak Lands region of the Amarr Empire has played reluctant host to a large number of Matari insurgent attacks, steadily escalating in frequency and intensity. One attack, in particular, is seen as the flashpoint for the diplomatic tensions that have resulted from the area's conflicts. On December 17, in the Sosala system, a mixed fleet of Matari capsuleers attacked and destroyed an Amarrian battlestation due to undergo redeployment out of the Bleak [...]

                                                                                                    Matari contract upset causes Mammoth problems.

                                                                                                    • YC109-01-10

                                                                                                      Heimatar - Simple hauling contract negotiations have ended up tangled in controversy this week after Mechanical Industries secured a large majority of contracts over other . With trading routes from the core Matari worlds to the frontiers of the Great Wildlands becoming more lucrative in the past year, massive trade contracts offered by a conglomerate of industrial corporations here have been the hot topic among investors for weeks. The two expected front runners contending for these opportunities [...]