The Cat's Whiskers caught in drugs crackdown.

New Eden News | YC109-04-18

SINQ LAISON - The newly reformed Gallente Regional Drugs Squad (GRDS) of Federation Customs has already begun operating, executing a drugs raid against the Cat's Whiskers nightclub. The operation was lead by "Inspector Xavier", a Customs Officer with over twenty-five years of experience in anti-narcotics law enforcement. The recent upturn in the Federation economy has allowed Federation Customs to increase their staff numbers and the scope of their continuing operations against illegal booster production. It has come at a time when booster production is surging on the frontier, lead by large and organized alliance power blocs such as Corelum Syndicate and Hedonistic Imperative.

Upon completion of the successful operation, Inspector Xavier was particularly pleased with the outcome; “We have been monitoring the goings-on at the notorious ‘Cats Whiskers Club’ for a number of weeks now, slowly gathering evidence until we had enough to ensure a conviction...I am pleased to say that we were given plenty of leads, communication logs and transaction logs from many good citizens, and this enabled us to piece together the jigsaw of what was happening.”

Under the information released by Federation Customs, the owners of the Cat's Whiskers were allegedly being bankrolled by two entrepreneurs, Justine Arghalliere and Frances Buterie, of the "Moonlight Productions" corporation. They paid the two owners of the club to keep quiet while they dealt illegal boosters to visiting patrons. These two persons were present in the club when it was raided, but fled on first sight of the Customs Officers, and a ten million ISK bounty was placed on each of their heads. Justine Arghalliere was later terminated by pilots from Raddick Explorations, Frances Buterie has gone to ground and is currently missing.

When asked about the source of the boosters, Inspector Xavier revealed “We have reason to believe that Moonlight Productions was a front for the Serpentis Corporation, to allow their agents’ free travel and unhindered access to Federation Space.” The Serpentis have recently increased their booster production efforts, and are attempting to gain a foothold in the lucrative booster black market within the borders of the Gallente Federation.

The popular owners of the Cat's Whiskers, Miss Bressty Chastaine and Mr Paul Giselle were arrested by customs officials. They agreed to fully disclose their financial records, as well as their transaction and communication logs, allowing them to avoid a custodial sentence. However, both are likely to lose their entertainment license, and will be unable to operate a business for a number of years.

Inspector Xavier then closed the press conference, issuing a warning as his closing statement; “Let this stand as a lesson to all who think they can flout the Federation's laws on narcotics. The Federation Customs will be here, whichever way you turn, no matter how hard you try to hide. We’re here to stay, so get used to it. This week I have moved a considerable task force into Placid, and I will not rest until that region is drugs-free.”