Remaining royal houses speak out on succession debate

New Eden News | YC109-04-23

With the debate over the succession still ongoing in the Empire, the Tash Murkon family called a short press conference to extend their opinion on the ongoing debate, one which they apparently feel affects their house greatly.

Taridor Khiknizi spoke for house Tash Murkon and went on to say:

"While we acknowledge and respect the views of the other Royal Houses, this Royal House is strongly against the racial implications of allowing only True Amarr to decide the next championship.

The Empire was forged in our collective blood. We worship the one and only Lord God. It is by all our strengths that the Empire was made great, and it will be by all our strengths that it shall continue."

With the only Royal House yet to make its views known on the subject the Amarr News Service managed to arrange a short sitting with Yonis Ardishapur himself shortly after a meeting with Chamberlain Karsoth.

"The Lord God saw fit to create only one race of his Chosen. We are that race. While the lesser races follow God's word faithfully and loyally, as well they should, and while they have their place within the Empire, it is not for them to rise above their station. Decisions of this importance should be left to God's true Chosen, and none other.

House Ardishapur moves that the current Championships incarnation, a result of hasty reforms of the venerable institution of the selection of the Emperor, should be replaced with just that institution."