Ammatar Governor comments on Matari/Ammatar Talks

New Eden News | YC109-05-07

Ibrar Ondagoi, the Governor of Ammatar, yesterday afternoon released a statement claiming the Amarr government was “informed well in advance” of the Ammatar Consulate’s intention of entering into talks with the Minmatar Republic. The reason the talks were kept secret, the statement says, is that “neither the Empire nor its mandate wanted to give opportunistic hatemongers a reason to incite violence in protest of peaceful communication.”

The Governor issued his statement after several meetings with top-level Consulate officials over the past week in the San Matarian capital of Auguria. Public response in Amarr and Ammatar has been mixed; polling indicates that a large portion of people from both the Empire and the Mandate believe the Amarrian government did, in fact, have no idea the talks were going on. A number of analysts have theorized that in the absence of an Amarrian Emperor, the Mandate is responding to shifting currents in the astropolitical spectrum.

“While we can understand some confusion at the news of these talks, there is no need for alarm," said Ammatar Consulate High Commissioner Anfrid Uptemulf at a press conference yesterday. "We will not be restricted by blind hatred. The Consulate of the Ammatar Mandate will work in the best interests of the Ammatar people under, of course, the guidance of the Amarr. We will not compromise the ideals upon which the Mandate was founded.

What fruit the discussions will bear has yet to be decided. At this time we remain cautious but hopeful.”