House Miyan agrees formal surrender to House Darabi

New Eden News | YC109-02-24

JATARI - The formal surrender of House Miyan to House Darabi has been finalized a short while after House Miyan forces were defeated by a House Darabi fleet lead by Colonel Faibdash in the Fensi system.

Despite reinforcements arriving on both sides, House Darabi held the Fensi system, and forced Holder Touraj Miyan to surrender to the attacking forces. In order to stop further bloodshed between the two houses, Touraj Miyan surrendered, despite the objections of the leader of his forces, Commodore Harkan. Colonel Faibdash accepted the surrender on the behalf of Iraj Darabi, who was not present.

Following the Kor-Azor Peace Summit, House Miyan and House Darabi had managed to agree a temporary cease fire. However, recent information released by the Amarr Ministry of Internal Order, which absolved House Darabi of the crimes that House Miyan had accused it of fractured the ceasefire. House Darabi gathered military forces to strike against House Miyan in the Nebian system, a location which was the subject of demands made during the peace talks. Colonel Faibdash was assisted by pod pilots Lyzra of Peregrine Guidance Systems Inc and Orthensia of 1st Praetorian Guard.

In the days after the attack in Fensi, the Houses of Miyan and Darabi met to discuss the terms of House Miyan's surrender. In the resulting agreement, Holder Touraj Miyan is to make a formal public apology regarding his comments to Mina Darabi that served as a catalyst to the conflict.

In addition, House Miyan will turn over governing rights of the Fensi and Nebian systems to House Darabi, and pay reparations totaling over eight billion ISK for losses suffered during the war. As well as the loss of territory, House Miyan is also disgraced for it's actions.

House Kor-Azor, whose territory the original peace talks were held in, and kept out of the conflict until now have accepted the surrender deal between the two houses, and have allowed House Darabi to control the Fensi and Nebian systems.