Caldari Gaming Commission will no longer host the Alliance Tournaments

New Eden News | YC109-07-02

Dabel Kaelikohani, founder of the Caldari Gaming Commission (CGC), announced yesterday that the Alliance Tournament will no longer be hosted by the Commission. Kaelikohani released a statement to all major news agencies concerning the future of the CGC.

In the statement Kaelikohani explained why he felt that hosting the Tournament was no longer a feasible business venture for the CGC ' After much deliberation the management of the CGC has come to the conclusion that hosting the Tournament will not be lucrative enough to excuse its costs in planning, taxes and other fees. We wish any other corporation the best of luck if they plan to continue the Tournament. Sadly the CGC does not see how you can run a healthy business combined with the enormous expenses the Tournament requires.'

Instead of the universally celebrated tournaments the CGC will now focus on smaller quizzes and challenges across Caldari controlled space. ' We won't abandon the capsuleers just yet,' said Kaelikohani, 'They really are the best audience you can hope for and we wish to continue working with them for years to come.'