Heir speaks out on succession as debate continues

New Eden News | YC109-03-27

Last month witnessed an unprecedented request from Amarrian capsuleers that they be informed as to the progress of the investigation into the assassination of Emperor Doriam. Despite serving as a severe breach of protocol, the request sparked fervent academic debate within the Empire regarding the next Succession championships and what form they will take.

While no outright dissent has been aired on the issue, it is no secret that the people of the Empire are growing impatient with the wait for a new Emperor. In an announcement late last week, Uriam Kador endorsed the ongoing debate by making his opinions known publicly. Here is an excerpt from his statement:

"For too long has our Empire languished without an Emperor. It is due time that we, the Heirs, decide how the next Championships shall be held, lest we incur God’s wrath for our Chamberlain’s apparent lack of will to move forward."

"I move that the Championship not be fought in the barren byways of the infinite, but rather here on God’s earth, by those of pure flesh. We should look not to those who cheat death by shedding and donning bodies like discarded rags, for who can tell what happens to the soul through its endless leapfrogging from body to body?"

"We should look to true Amarrians, the chosen people of God, barren of the impurities of their spacebound kin."

Dr. Emuil Zalaveille, political analyst at the University of Caille and an expert on Amarrian affairs, regarded the speech as just the latest in a series of affronts to Chamberlain Dokuta Karsoth’s authority.

"His [the Chamberlain’s] position has been growing ever weaker in the last months," said Dr. Zalaveille. "With the murder investigation yielding no apparent answers and the Navy all but directly disobeying his commands to police the Bleak Lands, the addition of a royal Heir’s accusation of laxness in the matter of the succession comes as no surprise."