Independence “nothing to worry about” say analysts.

New Eden News | YC109-03-20

Recent figures compiled by CONCORD statisticians have shown that despite the ever-increasing trend towards total capsuleer independence, the four Empires will still have a large core of loyal and capable supporters. The reports confirm a growing trend of support amongst the space bound class, and points towards an increasingly relaxed stance from all factions towards their rising independence.

Just one example out of many is Siri Blue, a Gallente who has joined an elite group of capsuleers held in the highest possible regard by the Federation. Speaking in an interview with the Interstellar Correspondents, she shared her own perspectives on the loyalties of a pod pilot and the unique work it brings.

“While the Caldari claim to be the hardest working race in Eve, I dare to say otherwise,” she stated wryly, “it's a lot of hard work.” Speaking about the process of winning the trust of the Empire corporations, she stated: “I started my career off in the Federation Navy and slowly worked up the ranks. After an uncountable number of missions, skirmishes and engagements with pirate gangs and rogue Caldari fleets, I managed to gain enough reputation and money to move somewhat higher in the hierarchy.”

Since that time, Ms. Blue has worked for other Gallente corporations, including the Federal Intelligence Office and Duvolle Laboratories, the latter of which she has most recently pledged a stronger loyalty to, as CEO of the corporation Blue Division, a capsuleer-based subsidiary. She has also spent time working for the longstanding pro-Federation faction, the Servant Sisters of Eve.

Ms. Blue represents just one of many thousands of loyal capsuleers, who typically spend a large majority, if not all their time serving Faction's corporations. Analysts involved in the report stated that the entities had little to worry about, despite the increasing amount of capsuleers going completely independent: “As long as the current concomitant rise in Empire-based capsuleers continues, then the needs of the Empires that spawned them will continue to be met as well.”

Ms. Blue herself stated that in fact, she felt a distinct lack of high-level work at times, reflecting a broader desire amongst the upper crust of the capsuleer elite for new challenges and responsibilities. “If there was the opportunity to prove my value to the Federation, I’d try my best that very moment…although the Federation is a rather peaceful’s hard to find real challenges. I feel that the Federation Navy should start opening up the…ranks for their capsuleer pilots, it is obvious that [we] can achieve far more than normally crewed ships. Not using the abilities of their capsuleer agents to their full extent is a waste of resources and will possibly be a grave mistake should it come to a new war with the Caldari State.”

Whether or not the Empires eventually follow the advice of Ms. Blue and others like her remains to be seen. What is certain however is that in the meantime, they will still have plenty of work for freelance capsuleers, loyal combatants and traders alike, and will seek to further extend their influence over the capsuleer class as more and more pilots graduate.