Caldari Gaming Commission under State investigation

New Eden News | YC109-04-30

The Caldari State has agreed to open a fraud investigation into the Caldari Gaming Commission’s (CGC) recent activities, sources revealed yesterday. This follows repeated requests from the Mercantile Club and the Caldari Business Tribunal that an inquiry be made into the CGC's accounting history.

The CGC has promised its full cooperation in the investigation. A spokesman said they expect to be cleared of all suspicion once the investigation has been concluded and its outcome is presented to the public.

A Mercantile Club security officer recently discovered footage of a meeting between high ranking members of the CGC and their accountants, where they are seen discussing the option of tax evasion. The officer gave the holoreels to his superiors, who in turn presented them to the Caldari Business Tribunal.

“Even though the Club prides itself on our private meeting chambers, it was our decision in this case that concealing possible intent of grand-scale tax evasion would go against our values as a proud corporation of the State,” said Temikko Aikikonen, Mercantile Club spokesperson.

The Caldari Business Tribunal has decided to involve the Chief Executive Panel in the prosecution of the CGC, as the CEP would stand to be the largest beneficiary of the allegedly owed taxes. A committee is currently being formed that will lead the investigation and eventually present its findings to members of the Business Tribunal and the CEP. The committee will be lead by Prof. Sari Hazel, a Gallente specialist in criminal fraud, well known for her work during the Religious Donation Trial several years ago.