Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Small-Scale War of Idelogies Brings Substantial Charitable Donation

  • YC111-07-31

    <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Amarr, Domain - The recent war between the White Rose Society [ROZEN] and Ordo Magna [OM] alliance has brought a strange consequence in the form of a donation to Tomorrowland Orphanage, a charity for orphans of the wars against Sansha's Nation. Broadcasts about the conflict from either side were calm and analytical, though the loyalties of the two organizations are equally strong, but radically different. The [...]

    EVE Arena To Open Second Season

    • YC111-07-30

      <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Jita, The Forge - EVE Arena will launch it's second season on Saturday August 1st, after having completed a succesful test run a few months ago. Eve Arena is a service that creates a structured environment for combat-oriented capsuleers to find willing combatants for one on one and group combat. Registration will be free of charge for solo players, and teams will pay a 25 million ISK fee that together with [...]

      Second "Ships Of Eve" Lottery Announced

      • YC111-07-29

        <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Jita, The Forge - In a surprise announcement, the second "Ships Of Eve Lottery" (SOE2) was proclaimed open on the 24.07.111. Tickets are 10 million ISK each and top prizes include a Guardian Vexor and a package of 215 different ships. Launching just two weeks after the first Ships of Eve Lottery, SOE2 aims to offer entertainment to all capsuleers participating the event beyond the act of simply buying a [...]

        Eve University Moves Campus - Massive Fleet Traverses Empire

        • YC111-07-27

          <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Korsiki, The Forge - A massive fleet of 150 ships owned by Eve University members was been spotted leaving Korsiki on 25.07.111. Eve University, a training corporation that helps new capsuleers get up-to-speed with the complexities of capsuleer life has largely used Korsiki solar system as main base of operations. The corporation is moving its headquarters to Aldrat in a bid to find a more suitable learning [...]

          New CVA Outpost Around Mineral-Rich Konrakas

          • YC111-07-27

            <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Shintaht, Providence - Rosa Alba corporation of Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] has announced the construction of their second outpost, Imperium Providentia, at the historic, mineral-rich planet, Konrakas. Konrakas, also known as Shintaht IV, is completely lifeless but draws attention from both the Caldari and the Amarr because of the rare minerals brought to the surface from the violent natural forces that [...]

            Bad Bobby To Launch A 265 Billion ISK IPO

            • YC111-07-24

              <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Jita, The Forge - The new "Titans For You" IPO (Initial Public Offering) proposed by Bad Bobby and run by Titans 4U, is promising a 40.5% return on investment over a 12-month period. "Titans For You" aims to acquire four titan blueprints. BPOs will then be researched and copies will be sold on the market, with 2 blueprint copies being sold every quarter for the first 8 months of operation, and 4 copies selling [...]

              Chribba's Lottery Begins And Ends In Record Time

              • YC111-07-22

                <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Jita - After selling all 10,000 tickets in a mere 7 hours, Chribba's lottery has ended and the owner of a brand new Erebus titan has been announced. Sales "really kicked up, selling loads every minute, " explained Chribba, adding that after all the tickets were sold he proceeded to drawing the winning numbers immediately. The first prize ticketholder, a very surprised Hinata, said: "I thought the lottery [...]

                Sev3rance Titan Falls to Cry Havoc

                • YC111-07-21

                  <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> KBP7-G, PROVIDENCE - A Leviathan class titan belonging to Sev3rance [-7-] ran into trouble early this morning when it warped into a trap set by Cry Havoc [C H] on the Dital gate. Cry Havoc reports that a Curatores Veritas Alliance [CVA] rescue fleet attempted to intervene but did not arrive in time to save the doomed titan from C H's battleship fleet. The final blow was recorded at 04:42 this morning. [...]

                  Chribba Announces Titan Lottery

                  • YC111-07-19

                    <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Jita - Chribba has announced the opening of a lottery with a first prize consisting of an Erebus class titan. The winning ticket holder will receive the Erebus including modules and rigs. At current market rates, similar vessels can sell for as much as 85 to 100 billion ISK depending on fittings. In addition to the first place jackpot, a second place prize will be a Moros class dreadnought, and third place [...]

                    The Synenose Accord Investigates Sleeper Threat

                    • YC111-07-15

                      <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Seyllin, Essence - Since the disaster at Seyllin, wormholes have opened across New Eden. Despite there being many wormhole classification systems, we still know very little about wormhole space except that the Sleepers are out there. The very name brings a sense of dread to the average pilot in New Eden. What do we know about them? What do they want? The Synenose Accord seeks to answer those questions. To that [...]

                      Ethereal Crossing Coalition Evacuates Etherium Reach

                      • YC111-07-14

                        <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Etherium Reach - After four months of constant warfare in and around the Etherium Reach region between the Red Alliance [RED] (and allies) and the "Ethereal Crossing" coalition (Ethereal Dawn [ED] and Intrepid Crossing [IRC]), the Coalition has announced that they will no longer be defending their space. This announcement comes shortly after long time ally and neighbor, Legion of XXDeathXX [X.I.X.] reset [...]

                        Lottery to Give Away Rare Guardian Vexors

                        • YC111-07-12

                          <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Amarr, Domain - Three Guardian Vexors are slated to be given away through a lottery as rare as the prizes themselves, the Interstellar Correspondents have been informed. The Guardian Vexor, a variant of the widely-available Vexor class cruiser, is prized among collectors for its expanded drone control systems that allow it to field twice the number of drones normally supported by sub-capital ships. During a [...]

                          Intrepid Crossing Loses Billions In BPOs During Evac

                          • YC111-07-12

                            <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> D-IZT9, Etherium Reach - On July 4th, Intrepid Crossing [IRC] lost an Anathema covert operations vessel loaded with valuable original blueprints, sources inside the alliance confirmed. Flown by Belag, who is alleged to act as a personal assistant to alliance leader Oldma, the Anathema's mission was to evacuate the blueprints from E8-432, where Intrepid Crossing's factory outpost was under heavy siege by [...]

                            Militia Battle Joined by Northern Coalition Capital Fleet

                            • YC111-07-11

                              <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Taff, Metropolis - A fresh large-scale engagement between Amarr and Minmatar-led militia fleets took place in the Taff system early this week, and was ended by the intervention of a large capital fleet from several null sec alliances dubbed the "Northern Coalition." Precipitating the conflict some hours before, elements of the 24th Imperial Crusade attacked and reinforced a control tower belonging to known [...]

                              Ships Of Eve Lottery To Distribute Huge First Prize

                              • YC111-07-09

                                <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Jita, The Forge - 213 ships and 80 Tech3 subsystems; **** such is the 'Ships of Eve' lottery's first prize that a fortunate ticketholder will receive during the upcoming draw. Ticket sales are still under way and there is time until 04:19 of 13.07.111 to reserve a number. The 'Ships Of Eve' lottery will be held in Jita as soon as the 4000 allocated tickets are sold or the target date is met, although staff say [...]

                                Aggression Evacuates Immensea Following Standing Reset

                                • YC111-07-09

                                  <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Immensea - Atlas and Against ALL Authorities have reset Aggression's [AGGRO] standings prompting the alliance to vacate the region. This surprising development came after a tense meeting between Aggression and Atlas leadership during which Atlas' CEO was asked about rumors indicating Immensea was being "sold" to Triumvirate Alliance. Atlas' CEO left the talks abruptly and reset [AGGRO]'s standings. 5n4keyes of [...]

                                  Pandemic Legion Kills Cult of War Titan

                                  • YC111-07-04

                                    <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> RNM-Y6, Scalding Pass - An Erebus-class Titan belonging to the Cult of War alliance was killed during a small-scale capital fight with Pandemic Legion on Saturday. The fight commenced after a Pandemic Legion roaming fleet managed to tackle a Cult of War dreadnought near a Kraftwerk control tower. The Moros class dreadnought belonging to Malet from Cult of War got tackled after the rest of his fleet warped away [...]

                                    RAZOR Alliance Robbed of 200 Billion ISK

                                    • YC111-07-03

                                      <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> OE-4HB, Tenal - RAZOR Alliance was robbed last week of over 200 billion ISK in cash and war materi el. The perpetrator, Drago Musevenii, seized the corporation's dreadnought fleet and over a hundred of the "deathstar" control towers used in RAZOR's campaign against KenZoku in the South. The theft took place on 23.06.111. RAZOR were moving ships and towers back to their home space after their successful [...]

                                      Sign ups for Alliance Tournament VII are now open!

                                      • YC111-07-03

                                        Sign ups for Alliance Tournament VII, scheduled for September have now opened, and Alliances can apply to enter from downtime on Friday, 03, July until downtime on Friday, 17, July. Full details and signup procedure can be found on the Alliance Tournament web site here. Please note that, unlike previous Tournaments the process is no longer first come first serve, and everyone will have a chance to sign up over the next two weeks. The final teams will be decided by a random draw and announced. Make [...]

                                        Over 200 Capital Ships Destroyed in Single Day of Fighting in North

                                        • YC111-07-02

                                          DK-FXK, Pure Blind - A Triumvirate., Red.Overlord and Against All Authorities fleet clashed with the Northern Coalition on Monday. The result was a capital slugfest in which each side lost over 50 dreadnoughts. The Solar Fleet alliance fought the Northern Coalition later that day in K25-XD, where each side lost approximatly 46 capitals, making last monday one of the most destructive days in recent history for capital pilots. The first fight occured after the Northern Coalition brought its capital [...]

                                          CONCORD releases Outer Region Political Summary (CORPS) Briefing

                                          • YC111-07-02

                                            Yulai - CONCORD recently announced that it would be publically releasing the Outer Region Political Summaries (CORPS) that it provides for the CONCORD Assembly members. Last week saw the first such briefing released on Galnet, below is the text in fulll: CONCORD Outer Region Political Summary (CORPS) Briefing DED CORPS BRIEFING Y111.06.12/Y111.06.26 TO: MEMBER NATIONS - CONCORD ASSEMBLY - DED WATCH COMMANDERS STATUS: DECLASSIFIED APPROVED FOR RELEASE BEGIN Updates The system of 49-U6U, the lone [...]

                                            Employee Corruption at Dynasty Banking

                                            • YC111-07-01

                                              <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Hek, Metropolis - Dynasty Banking must now add employee corruption to its troubles, after an employee was discovered offering to sell access to DBANK's sensitive data. In the last few days, a Dynasty Banking employee has contacted Interstellar Correspondents attempting to sell sensitive data, including inside information and internal bank communications. While "insider trading" practices are common in New [...]

                                              24th Imperial Crusade in Amamake Offensive

                                              • YC111-07-01

                                                <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Amamake, Heimatar - Pilots and member corporations of the 24 th Imperial Crusade, assisted by elements of the State Protectorate, have sequentially engaged pirate and Matari fleets to hold the field in the Amamake system. After nearly two hours of fighting, the joint Amarr - Caldari action has claimed the destruction of four carrier ships. "A Heretic Army carrier and battleship support was found sitting idly [...]