EVE Arena To Open Second Season

Jita, The Forge - EVE Arena will launch it's second season on Saturday August 1st, after having completed a succesful test run a few months ago. Eve Arena is a service that creates a structured environment for combat-oriented capsuleers to find willing combatants for one on one and group combat.Caelum Dominus -  Eve Arena Organizer

Registration will be free of charge for solo players, and teams will pay a 25 million ISK fee that together with donations and advertisement revenue, will contribute to covering the cost of prizes for this season's top guns.

Caelum Dominus, who manages the arena, plans "to award the top three players in the solo division with faction frigates of their choosing" and top teams with prizes in ISK.

Eve Arena's service will allow capsuleers to arrange mutually agreeable times and places for combat. Matches will thus be conducted in agreed upon lowsec or nullsec systems.

After the match, a battle report will be submitted and validated by both parties. While no referee will attend matches, mutual respect is expected from both sides.

Derwent, first season's top scorer, describes EVE Arena as "a good way to get some casual [combat] without having to search for a prey."

More than 200 pilots fought during the first season and Derwent hopes to see "ten times more" capsuleers joining season two.

Interstellar correspondents will follow EVE Arena Events and report as soon as news become available.


EVE Arena Announcement

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