Ships Of Eve Lottery To Distribute Huge First Prize

Jita, The Forge - 213 ships and 80 Tech3 subsystems; **** such is the 'Ships of Eve' lottery's first prize that a fortunate ticketholder will receive during the upcoming draw. Ticket sales are still under way and there is time until 04:19 of 13.07.111 to reserve a number.

The 'Ships Of Eve' lottery will be held in Jita as soon as the 4000 allocated tickets are sold or the target date is met, although staff say that seven days of overtime sales might be added if uptake is low.

If the quota is reached, winners will be drawn using a random generator and the announcements will be broadcast in Jita.

T'Amber - Ships Of Eve Lottery HolderIf ticket sales fall short of the enterprize's targets, the lottery's staff will decide whether to refund all tickets or allocate prizes regardless and take the loss. Which they choose will not be known until nearer the time.

T'Amber, who organizes the event, is a newcomer in New Eden's lottery scene. After a years-long research career and lot of time spent collecting ships, she decided to run a Lottery becouse she feels these are popular events that stand out on their own. "I always thought [my collection of vessels] would be a great prize... I had been planning on running this lottery for a while but was missing a few ships," she admitted.

Running a lottery involves a lot of organizational work and needs someone who can guarantee that the prizes are available and the enterprize is not a fraud. F90OEX, a well-known industrialist, will take the guarantor's role, acting as third party for the first prize and extracting winning numbers. He explained: "it is [T'Amber's] first time running a lotto [and] Chribba is not involved... [if the lottery is succesful, it] will be quite an achivement."

Some capsuleers have expressed concern that the lottery is being run for profit purposes: "Is all that stuff... really worth the 40 billion total ticket price?" asked Imiar Timshae. To address potential customers' concerns, T'Amber explained that the cost of Tech 3 ships and materials has fallen since the time she acquired the prizes; she expects to actually take a loss from this round of the lottery.

She explained "All the proceeds (minus advertising and fees) will be going into the next lottery." In T'Amber's view, ideal future events could include "a lottery that includes all uncommon and common sub-capital and capital ships, and maybe even a rare or uber-rare ship!"

Pilots hoping to enter the lottery are warned to be careful of one T'Amberr, who looks almost identical to the lottery organizer, has a similar corporation name and displays an identical public biography. T'Amber claims she was shocked to discover the look-alike and stated "It's obviously not me. My cheeks are much fatter, although I look better in that dress."

The Interstellar Correspondents will follow the lottery and report on the winners when they are announced.

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