Bad Bobby To Launch A 265 Billion ISK IPO

Jita, The Forge - The new "Titans For You" IPO (Initial Public Offering) proposed by Bad Bobby and run by Titans 4U, is promising a 40.5% return on investment over a 12-month period.

"Titans For You" aims to acquire four titan blueprints. BPOs will then be researched and copies will be sold on the market, with 2 blueprint copies being sold every quarter for the first 8 months of operation, and 4 copies selling in the final quarter.

Copying titan blueprints is an unpredictable and capital intensive business: a total of 265 Billion ISK in startup capital is needed just to acquire the whole set of prints and it takes a minimum of four months to produce a copy.

"The IPO itself is pretty simple. But obviously, the amount of ISK involved is unusually high," explained Bad Bobby. He also added that while this venture might be the biggest start-up ever, enterprises like Ebank or One Stop Research are much bigger.

"Titans For You" is being launched using a staged approach: each titan's blueprint is allocated to a block and only fully-financed blocks will be used to acquire blueprints. At present, only 2 blocks have been filled while a third has recently been reported being 46 billion ISK away from completion. Bad Bobby is calling a deadline on 27 July when, he explains, "cancelled and reduced reservations will be dealt with."

SencneS, a potential sharesholder, underlines how unpredictable this venture can be. "[It] appears profitable for the work load, but has many pitfalls, some of which are completely unavoidable... This would be a very long term return on investment".

Possible operational risks are represented by liabilities due to long research and copy timers, starbase sabotage, siege or destruction, decrease in the demand for titans or a drop in price as more blueprint copies become available on the market.

To cope with such risks, Bad Bobby is keeping the "Titans For You" lab's location and the researchers' identities a closely-guarded secret and blueprints will be researched to mitigate eventual price pitfalls.

"Titans For You" is not the first attempt at a publically-offered titan blueprint copying venture. Recently, at least 2 similar IPOs have been proposed. Bad Bobby gave his opinion on the scale of his offering and others currently available. "I think it may well be the biggest start-up, but there are other public enterprises that are much bigger. EBANK, obviously and I think One Stop Research is pretty big."

Shares in the "Titans For You" IPO are currently available for reservation at the price of 1 million ISK each. Reservations will close on 27.07.111, whereupon the IPO will purchase blueprints for the Leviathan and Erebus-class titans and any other completed blocks.

The Interstellar Correspondents will keep on following the IPO and report as soon as more news becomes available.

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