The Synenose Accord Investigates Sleeper Threat

Julianus Soter, Synenose CEO and Founder Seyllin, Essence - Since the disaster at Seyllin, wormholes have opened across New Eden. Despite there being many wormhole classification systems, we still know very little about wormhole space except that the Sleepers are out there. The very name brings a sense of dread to the average pilot in New Eden. What do we know about them? What do they want? The Synenose Accord seeks to answer those questions.

To that end, they've begun to explore wormhole space and examine Sleeper technology. Officially, the corporation is committed to advancing the knowledge of all empires in the pursuit of maintaining the balance of power. Yet they make no qualms about profiting from this endeavor, indeed that is also a part of their mission statement. They've stated that the technology and patents acquired as a result of their expedition will help fund further scientific research and will present their findings so far at a conference on 18.07.111.

The Remains of Seyllin OneIn an effort to keep their research accessible to all, The Synenose Accord acknowledges no authority save that of CONCORD and intends to remain neutral in the politics between empires. Officially however, CONCORD has posted travel advisories warning pilots not to enter so-called W-space.

The aims of these capsuleers represent just a small percentage of the overall wormhole research activities in New Eden. Still, their proximity to the Sleepers may result in some of the most fruitful, and certainly most dangerous, breakthroughs.

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