Intrepid Crossing Loses Billions In BPOs During Evac

D-IZT9, Etherium Reach - On July 4th, Intrepid Crossing [IRC] lost an Anathema covert operations vessel loaded with valuable original blueprints, sources inside the alliance confirmed.

Flown by Belag, who is alleged to act as a personal assistant to alliance leader Oldma, the Anathema's mission was to evacuate the blueprints from E8-432, where Intrepid Crossing's factory outpost was under heavy siege by GoonSwarm and Legion of xXDEATHXx and was expected to fall.

D-IZT9 Station Camped By GoonSwarmBelag managed to get the blueprints into D-IZT9, Intrepid Crossing's capitol system, but was intercepted by a GoonSwarm heavy interdictor and its escort before she could reach the station.

Roughly half the blueprints in her cargohold were destroyed when the ship's hull explosively decompressed, but those that survived were quickly scooped up by the GoonSwarm pilots, including well-researched schematics for capital ships, component parts, battleships and many commonly-used modules.

The majority of the blueprints were well-researched originals, with a number of copies mixed in.

Antir of GoonSwarm described the events that lead to the kill: "Our [Heavy Interdictor] pilot, Saba Quiestador, had a [navigation waypoint where we could place a warp interdiction bubble]... that would pull people [out of warp], so we set up there... then an Amarr [covert operations ship] warps in uncloaked... a drake gets the decloak and he goes down quickly."

"Luckly an [Interceptor] pilot decided to check out the wreck," explains Antir, adding that when they opened the wreck they couldnt believe what they found: "highly researched [capital] and [capital components] BPOs... we got them into a [covert ops] and to a safe [starbase] out of the system," he recalled.

Early estimates placed IRC's losses at between 30 and 50 billion ISK on that single ship. Referring to Belag's loss, Farham of Atlas said: "I am shocked [she] was so short-sighted to not wait until after the station was taken then sneak out."

Spectre80, from Intrepid Crossing, acknowledged that such losses can happen, however he added "it's bad when it happens to higher-up [pilots]". He also explained that despite being deeply hit by the loss, the Alliance has already replaced the blueprints. "IRC is not by any means to be considered a poor alliance," Spectre80 stated.

The Interstellar Correspondents have tried to contact Belag to ask for his view on the engagement but so far have not received a response. Spectre80 stated that "[Belag] is [a] hard one to catch... and after that incident even harder to get hold of."

Intrepid Crossing allegedly continues to remove their personnel and assets from Etherium Reach, planning to relocate to a safer portion of space before deciding their next move.

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