Small-Scale War of Idelogies Brings Substantial Charitable Donation

Amarr, Domain - The recent war between the White Rose Society [ROZEN] and Ordo Magna [OM] alliance has brought a strange consequence in the form of a donation to Tomorrowland Orphanage, a charity for orphans of the wars against Sansha's Nation.

Broadcasts about the conflict from either side were calm and analytical, though the loyalties of the two organizations are equally strong, but radically different. The White Rose Society, led by Vikarion, claims to fight in the name of Sansha's Nation, while Ordo Magna are descended from the long-established Ordo Quaesitoris corporation which pledges loyalty to the Amarr Empire.

The conflict, which began on 07.11.111, ended in its third week. The fighting was concentrated in Domain, with most engagements occuring in the heavily-populated market system of Amarr, and primarily consisted of small skirmishes or battles between solo pilots.

While Ordo Magna is much larger than their opponents on paper, with 55 members to ROZEN's mere 7, their activity patterns catered to well-matched engagements. Over the last few years, pilots who delight in the skills of solo combat have bemoaned the trend towards ever-larger fleets, yet wars such as this prove that such need not always be the case.

Delencia Lakat was one of the first members of Ordo Magna to lose both ship and pod to White Rose Society forces. The Sansha advocates placed her frozen corpse on auction over a 24-hour period on the Intergalactic Summit, where it sold for an astonishing 40 million ISK to Julia Varinius of Varinius Research and Development.

The price of Delencia Lakat's corpse was donated to the Tomorrowland Orphanage; Ruby Amatucci, the charity's spokeswoman said "We're gonna make the children's dreams come true with this... You are all heroes.".

The three-week long war between ROZEN and Ordo Magna came to an end as abrupt and mysterious as its beginning, when an apparent backer of the war commanded Vikarion to withdraw hostilities against Ordo Magna on behalf of White Rose Society. The identity of this backer remains unrevealed at the time of publication.

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