Lottery to Give Away Rare Guardian Vexors

Amarr, Domain - Three Guardian Vexors are slated to be given away through a lottery as rare as the prizes themselves, the Interstellar Correspondents have been informed.

The Guardian Vexor, a variant of the widely-available Vexor class cruiser, is prized among collectors for its expanded drone control systems that allow it to field twice the number of drones normally supported by sub-capital ships.

During a recent interview, Chribba estimates that out of a possible fifty-five Guardian Vexors known to have been made available to capsuleers nearly five years ago "Thirty to Thirty-five Guardian Vexors are still in existence." It is also unknown how many of them may sit in retired capsuleers hangers; Chribba agreed "I'm sure they could be, or kept as trophies."

Whatever the number may be this is a chance for all of New Eden to acquire a piece of Gallente history. Chribba stated "Most seem to enjoy the chance to own such a rarity for a small sum of ISK compared to buying one for some 15-20 billion."

Chribba is a well-known capsuleer and often trusted third-party to many large transactions; he had been contracted by two parties owning the ships to arrange the lottery. In keeping with his own privacy policy, Chribba declined to share the identities of the owners. "Names cannot be mentioned," he said, but added that "they are welcome to step forward themselves."

Speaking of the reaction to the lottery so far, Chribba stated that the interest had been overwhelming. "I estimate it to end in a few days as about 75% of the tickets have been sold."

"I'd like to thank the owners of the ships for providing me the chance to make such a special lottery," stated Chribba. "Thank you to the pilots of New Eden for showing such an interest in this event."

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