Sev3rance Titan Falls to Cry Havoc

KBP7-G, PROVIDENCE - A Leviathan class titan belonging to Sev3rance [-7-] ran into trouble early this morning when it warped into a trap set by Cry Havoc [C H] on the Dital gate.

Cry Havoc reports that a Curatores Veritas Alliance [CVA] rescue fleet attempted to intervene but did not arrive in time to save the doomed titan from C H's battleship fleet. The final blow was recorded at 04:42 this morning.

According to Mistress Suffering of C H, a forward group of HAC's was originally sent to the area in an attempt to lure Sev3rance into deploying the month-old titan. The ploy worked and the titan piloted by Gelo Breen was soon on its way to the gate, accompanied by a small support fleet.

Upon landing, the titan activated its doomsday weapon and cloaked. It was soon decloaked and tackled, however, according to C H who immediately recalled their battleship fleet from the immediate area. Breen estimates that within 5-10 minutes, Cry Havoc had around sixty battleships on the field.

The decision to deploy the titan was made by Breen who acted on clear scouting reports from the surrounding systems. He stated, however, that he "had a gut feeling it was a trap…" His suspicion was confirmed as soon as he came out of warp.

"[I] instantly knew it was a trap at warp-in," Breen recalls. "They had warp-in locations all around the gate. They had been making them with corporation not hostile in Providence which is always the drawback of running a 'Not Red Don't Shoot' policy."

The seeming impotence of the Leviathan's DD can be attributed to C H's calculated use of kinetic resistance.

Cry Havoc was also assisted by eight battleships from Honour Bound, a corporation formerly aligned with Sc0rched Earth who Breen recalls doomsdaying just weeks prior to this engagement.

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