Chribba's Lottery Begins And Ends In Record Time

Jita - After selling all 10,000 tickets in a mere 7 hours, Chribba's lottery has ended and the owner of a brand new Erebus titan has been announced.

Sales "really kicked up, selling loads every minute, " explained Chribba, adding that after all the tickets were sold he proceeded to drawing the winning numbers immediately.Hinata, The First Prize Winner

The first prize ticketholder, a very surprised Hinata, said: "I thought the lottery wouldn't be till next week... [and] when I read Chribba's mail I was... very happy and a bit shocked." She had bought just five tickets for a total of 50 million ISK.

Hinata, who is not skilled enough to fly the Erebus, is going to sell it to her alliance. She hasn't yet decided what to do with the ISK, but she will probably use most of it to buy combat ships.

Second place winner, Favst, received a Moros dreadnought while the third place winner, Semso, received a Thanatos carrier.

In the end, Chribba felt that the lottery "was a huge success."

It is still too early to know whether this was a once-only lottery or if there is a 'demand' for additional ones of the same kind, Chribba acknowledged: "too common isn't always good, so it needs a bit of cool down either way."


Chribba Announces Lottery's Winners

Titan's Lottery Original Announcement

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