Chribba Announces Titan Lottery

Jita - Chribba has announced the opening of a lottery with a first prize consisting of an Erebus class titan.

The winning ticket holder will receive the Erebus including modules and rigs. At current market rates, similar vessels can sell for as much as 85 to 100 billion ISK depending on fittings.

The First Place Prize: An Erebus TitanIn addition to the first place jackpot, a second place prize will be a Moros class dreadnought, and third place will be awarded a Thanatos class carrier.

Chribba acknowledges that flying a titan is not a skillset common among most of New Eden's capsuleers. In the event of the winner not being able to pilot the Erebus, an auction will be held on their behalf: "the winner will get something out of it for sure, be it the ship or a large addition to [his] wallet," he explained.

Ticket price will be 10 million ISK and 10,000 tickets will be put on sale. Chribba expects to draw the winner "as soon as all the 10,000 tickets has been sold" or if the lottery deadline is met.

Interstellar Correspondents will report further details as soon as they are made available.


Chribba's Lottery Announcement

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