CONCORD releases Outer Region Political Summary (CORPS) Briefing

Yulai - CONCORD recently announced that it would be publically releasing the Outer Region Political Summaries (CORPS) that it provides for the CONCORD Assembly members. Last week saw the first such briefing released on Galnet, below is the text in fulll:

CONCORD Outer Region Political Summary (CORPS) Briefing

DED CORPS BRIEFING Y111.06.12/Y111.06.26


The system of 49-U6U, the lone remaining stronghold of KenZoku Alliance, has fallen to Goonswarm and their allies signaling the effective end of what has commonly become known as the Second Great War among EVE's capsuleers. A massive Coalition fleet numbering hundreds of capital ships and over twenty-five titans descended upon the system last week to ensure victory.

In the aftermath, KenZoku, formerly the well-known Band of Brothers alliance, is reported to be dissolving. While there has been no official announcement of this dissolution, multiple sources confirm the member corps are evacuating the areas near their old traditional home region of Delve, now held by Goonswarm. The first member corp to officially leave KenZoku is Black Nova Corp. Reports indicate a wide variety of destinations for the former Band of Brothers corps. Speculation remains rampant whether this is a permanent break or a simple regroup.

Members of the Northern Coalition are returning to their regional homes. While suffering from no serious territorial incursions, a small group of raiders led by once again resurgent Triumvirate alliance have been causing serious economic damage to the northern regions. Triumvirate and their allies currently hold a small number of high value moons. Heavy fighting over these resources combined with daily heavy raiding of normal commerce is causing no end of headaches to residents.

The alliance Mostly Harmless, while suffering militarily from these incursions, has still managed to nearly double its territorial holdings in the past two weeks and now controls Cloud Ring as well as nearly all of Pure Blind and Fade.

Back in the south, the past several weeks has seen Atlas Alliance continue to grow in both power and influence. After assisting Against ALL Authorities in staving off attacks against their holdings in Tennerifis, Atlas rallied several neighboring alliances such as Aggression, Scorched Earth, Intrepid Crossing and Ethereal Dawn, and began a massive campaign that saw the removal of Goonswarm's claim to Detorid and is now quickly removing Red Alliance from their home of Wicked Creek, with their long time home of C-J6MT finally losing sovereignty a few days ago.

A recent ally of the powerful Against ALL Authorities alliance, Atlas took up residence in the Omist region and almost immediately began to expand. The speed of this expansion is notable, as Atlas and Aggression have claimed nearly forty and fifty new star systems respectively in the last three weeks.

It remains to be seen if the current Atlas-led push will be stopped. Drone region powerhouse Legion of DEATH seems poised to step in. Even as Goonswarm consolidates their new territorial holdings in Delve and Querious, they and longtime allies Pandemic Legion have been reported to be moving toward the Curse region, ostensibly to assist Red Alliance in their war against Atlas, with a few small engagements already taking place. Rumors of further assistance by Northern Coalition member Tau Ceti Federation are so far unconfirmed.

Capsuleer Outpost Construction Report

19 Jun 2009 - Immensea / R-ZUOL / Aggression / Amarr Factory Outpost

19 Jun 2009 - Fountain / 9DQW-W / Sons of Tangra / Amarr Factory Outpost

22 Jun 2009 - Providence / AY-24I / Curatores Veritatis Alliance / Amarr Factory Outpost

23 Jun 2009 - Fountain / V6-NY1 / Sons of Tangra / Caldari Research Outpost

24 Jun 2009 - Immensea / E1F-LK / Aggression / Amarr Factory Outpost

25 Jun 2009 - Perrigen Falls / RY-2FX / Legion of xXDEATHXx / Gallente Administrative Outpost

25 Jun 2009 - Perrigen Falls / K-3PQW / Legion of xXDEATHXx / Amarr Factory Outpost