Pandemic Legion Kills Cult of War Titan

RNM-Y6, Scalding Pass - An Erebus-class Titan belonging to the Cult of War alliance was killed during a small-scale capital fight with Pandemic Legion on Saturday. The fight commenced after a Pandemic Legion roaming fleet managed to tackle a Cult of War dreadnought near a Kraftwerk control tower.

The Moros class dreadnought belonging to Malet from Cult of War got tackled after the rest of his fleet warped away from the control tower they were attacking earlier. Reports indicate that the dreadnought pilot was stuck in siege-mode, and therefore he was unable to warp of jump away.

Several Cult of War pilots tried to rescue the endangered dreadnought by warping in a supporting fleet to attack the 25-man strong Pandemic Legion gang, but their efforts did not prevent the capital ship from getting destroyed. A small skirmish commenced between both fleets, until podpilot Mythral of Cult of War warped in her Erebus Titan to the scene.

Mythral fired her doomsday device, killing 4 ships directly. Most of the hostiles on the control tower could avoid her doomsday by warping away, but they quickly returned after a Pandemic Legion pilot managed to tackle the titan.

Both alliances started to bring their capital ships into the fight now that the Titan was pinned down. Pandemic Legion engaged the Erebus with just 13 dreadnoughts, even though they were outnumbered by a fleet of 21 dreadnoughts and 14 carriers belonging to Cult of War.

Most of the Cult of War carriers warped in to boost the armor and shield of the slowly-dying Titan, but their repair capabilities could not keep up with the high damage dealt by the Pandemic Legion dreadnoughts. The Erebus was destroyed, and its destruction was followed by an additional 4 dreadnought losses for Cult of War. Pandemic Legion lost 11 dreadnoughts in total.

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