Second "Ships Of Eve" Lottery Announced

Jita, The Forge - In a surprise announcement, the second "Ships Of Eve Lottery" (SOE2) was proclaimed open on the 24.07.111. Tickets are 10 million ISK each and top prizes include a Guardian Vexor and a package of 215 different ships.

Launching just two weeks after the first Ships of Eve Lottery, SOE2 aims to offer entertainment to all capsuleers participating the event beyond the act of simply buying a ticket.

A Guardian Vexor Waiting For A New PilotThe jackpot ticket will allow the winner to choose between a valuable Guardian Vexor or 215 ships including T3 vessels and subsystems of choice.

According to organizer T'Amber, the lottery has been engineered so that "everyone can have a good time without having to spend any ISK".

The first lottery's formula has been developed to meet capsuleers' demands: rare and collectable ships, more prize levels, spot prizes, a greater social element and ultimately more drama.

For those who cannot afford to buy a ticket, entry can be obtained by competing in side events. 2%-3% of the total tickets will be allocated as prizes for these events.

One of the side events is a race which will be held during the coming weekend. Race entry will be free and pilots will be required to run through lowsec to an undisclosed destination. Lottery tickets will be awarded to all capsuleers completing the race using different ship classes.

Of the fifty original guardian vexors less than twenty are suspected to be still flying. The rare Gallente cruiser is equipped with one extra missile hardpoint and can control a maxmum of 10 drones; the ship's value is estimated at upwards of 10 billion ISK.

The "Ships of Eve 2" lottery is open now and is scheduled to close on 07.08.111, with a number of spot prizes being given out in the last 24 hours before the draw.

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