Over 200 Capital Ships Destroyed in Single Day of Fighting in North

DK-FXK, Pure Blind - A Triumvirate., Red.Overlord and Against All Authorities fleet clashed with the Northern Coalition on Monday. The result was a capital slugfest in which each side lost over 50 dreadnoughts. The Solar Fleet alliance fought the Northern Coalition later that day in K25-XD, where each side lost approximatly 46 capitals, making last monday one of the most destructive days in recent history for capital pilots.

The first fight occured after the Northern Coalition brought its capital fleet into the system to destroy a Triumvirate-owned control tower mining a high-end moon. Triumvirate. and their allies initially mustered a slightly larger capital fleet to defend their facility.

Capital ships were dying slowly on both sides, but according to Phreeze of RAZOR Alliance, Northern Coalition pilots rapidly stepped up to reinforce the fleet when they heard of the ongoing battle.

The exact reason for the Against All Authorities and RED.Overlord's participation in Monday's battle remains unknown; none of our sources would either confirm or deny if their presence is temporary or permanent. Pilots from both alliances have not been active in northern New Eden in recent history, but Vuk Lau of Morsus Mihi suspects that their involvement in Pure Blind is mainly to disrupt the Northern Coalition.

Reports indicate that the capital ship losses were fairly equal for both coalitions; both sides lost approximately 50 capital ships spread among various alliances. The Northern Coalition managed to kill the Triumvirate. tower after a sustained battle, securing themselves a steady supply of valuable Dysprosium.

Solar Fleet attacks K25-XD

Later that night, the K25-XD system in Geminate was the stage for another capital fight between Solar Fleet and the Northern Coalition. Solar Fleet had an 80-strong force in the system, mainly dreadnoughts and battleships which were attacking various hostile control towers to break Wildly Inappropriate's Province (3) sovereignty.

At first, the Northern Coalition jumped a conventional battleship fleet into the attacked system. Solar Fleet responded by warping their capitals to the gate where the NC were entering the system and used their capitals to engage the arriving sub-capital fleet.

The Northern Coalition tackled all 50 Solar Fleet capital ships once they were tightly-grouped on the stargate and lit a cynosural field for their own capitals to enter and engage.

As in their earlier battle, the NC fleet steadily swelled with reinforcements entering the system. Solar Fleet tried to turn the tide by bringing in two Titans, using two swift, successive doomsday blasts to kill more than 30 ships and damage the hostile capitals.

Despite the titans' attack, the Northern Coalition's fleet held the field. Both sides lost approximately 40 dreadnoughts and 6 carriers, which means over 200 capital ships were destroyed in the North on this destructive opening to the week.

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