Last Stand Alliance Honors Fallen Member

Bika - A memorial service was held for Last Stand [LS] alliance diplomat Psi Cloned of Forsaken Resistance [FRCRP]. Psi Cloned's sudden and unexpected death prompted his alliance mates to hold this "sending off" in "honor of his life, and his contributions to their lives" states Marrick Drak of Senatus Populusque Romanus [SPQR2][LS].

As described by Marrick, "the service was held in the Bika system, at a planet, we anchored an arc of cans labeled to pay tribute to him, and in the center of this arc we placed a fraction of his corpse collection; 554 corpses to be exact", adding further that, "a few of the corpses were 'donated' by fellow alliance members who podded themselves, regardless of augmentations, in order to ensure that they too could dance in the vacuum of space in honor of our fallen comrade."

According to Littlefinger, CEO of Forsaken Resistance and Executor of the Last Stand alliance, "Psi was best known, hands down, for helping others with his time, assets and knowledge and putting their needs in front of his own. He was a great conversationalist and worked tirelessly at learning the needs and wants of everyone in the alliance."

Tshal [FRCRP][LS], his long time girlfriend, also a capsuleer, has been given access to Psi Cloned's hangar and will attempt to continue his legacy within the alliance. Jaana Brill of Frequent Flyers [FFLG][LS] adds lastly, that "his friends miss him something awful."

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