Theft Occurs During 'Ships Of Eve' Free Event

Heimatar , During the "Full Metal Jacket" event organized by T'Amber of Ships of Eve corporation [SOE-E], two participants are alleged to have stolen "400 frigates, 200 or so skill books and a large amount of assorted tech 1 modules" valued at "around 500 million isk." T'Amber, who runs these events for rookie capsuleers has put a hold on giving out any free prizes until "corpses and killmails are supplied".

The event, which was a "red vs. blue" team combat, was to have culminated in the winning team receiving free tickets to an upcoming "Ships of Eve main event" with the "'biggest killer' receiving a tech 2 High Grade Halo Implant set, along with some tech 2 ships, tickets and shares (in the SOE corporation)".

T'Amber has fingered SOE Blood Anarchist, formerly of Ships of Eve Blue Team [SOE-B], now a member of Native Fresh Foods [NF], and SOE Canock [SOE-B] as the alleged perpetrators. Citing reports by fellow team members and "watching the hangar when SOE Canock was in the station, and purposefully disallowing and then re-allowing his rights so that I could actually see the items being stolen" T'Amber considers this proof enough to call for the podding of said pilots. According to T'Amber both pod pilots have ties to the Obsidian Cartel [-.O.-] which is "based in a system next to Rens" and ultimately feels the goods may have been warehoused there in.

Asked whether this will change her approach to these events, T'Amber replied "stealing items from a free event is lame" adding that "I will be adjusting the way I will distribute the free skills and ships with private contracts next time."

The Ships of Eve corporation runs free events for New Eden's pod pilot community which are paid for by "Main Events" that usually cost ten million ISK per ticket to enter.

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