Amarr and Caldari Capsuleers Seize Minmatar Strongholds

News Flash - Reports of a joint Caldari and Amarr capsuleer effort against the Minmatar Republic have been coming in, with a number of Minmatar strongholds changing hands and more expected over the next days and weeks.

More than half a dozen systems have been taken so far, with early reports suggesting that Damar Rocarion and Bad Messenger are the leaders behind the attacks.

Jade Constantine, spokesperson for Star Fraction, accused Minmatar officials of allowing the attacks to happen: "I have personally seen enemies of the Matari people capturing complexes in Matari space while Republic Navy assets refuse to fire on them or prevent the capture."

At the time of writing, Minmatar strongholds are continuing to fall with little to no organized resistance.

The Interstellar Correspondents will continue to follow this story and hope to have more details soon.

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