Pandemic Legion Victors of Alliance Tournament VII

Pandemic Legion has taken the championship in Alliance Tournament VII over Circle-of-Two. Both teams proved their worth over the six days of the tournament.

Pandemic Legion came into the final match with five flawless victories out of six matches. Circle-of-Two's matches have been more mixed with several close calls and not a single flawless victory among them.

For the final match, Pandemic Legion pulled out their trusty bomber fleet and employed it with great success alongside a wave of drones. The initial savaging of a pair of Hurricanes and a Thrasher threw Circle-of-Two off stride and they only managed to take out a single Pandemic Legion Rook before losing the fight.

Despite the loss, newcomer Circle-of-Two will still walk away with a very healthy 30 billion ISK, 10 5-run Freki frigate blueprint copies, and the silver medal.

Pandemic Legion can now add 50 billion ISK, 10 5-run copies of the Mimir cruiser, gold medal, and the much coveted Alliance Tournament Cup to their war chest.

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