Ships of Eve 3 Lottery Under Way

Jita - Another record setting lottery is currently under way. The Ships of Eve 3 "Fleets of Eve" event includes a first prize of 223 ships and 80 tech 3 subsystems.

Organized by T'Amber of Ships of Eve [SOE-E], the event will be "fleet themed, with prizes of multiple choice semi-customizable fleets" with the prizes "designed to be accessible and useful for anyone."

There are a total of twenty prizes, with first prize being "a custom fleet of 223 ships and 80 tech 3 subsystems." Winners of the lottery from 2nd to 20th will have several choices that are "based on combat, industry and mystery fleets, to accommodate all pilots' professions." Each ticket costs ten million ISK, with a total of ten thousand tickets being sold for the event. T'Amber believes that the odds "are definitely the best for any major lottery in New Eden."

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Ships of Eve 3 "Fleets of Eve"

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