Burn Eden Loses Titan in 6QBH-S

6QBH-S, Stain - The Systematic-Chaos alliance and allies destroyed a BURN EDEN titan on Sunday night. Twenty-eight capitals were also lost in the engagement.

According to several reports, [SYS-K] fleet commanders anticipated that two titans belonging to BURN EDEN would attempt to ambush their fleet as they jumped into the 6QBH-S solar system. Two doomsdays were fired on the inbound stargate but only caught eight vessels. [SYS-K] managed to tackle Syrian's titan once heavy interdictors arrived at the gate. The second titan piloted by Trinitrous managed to escape.

The Systematic-Chaos fleet engaged the tackled titan while calling for reinforcements from the C0VEN alliance, THE KLINGONS [KLING] alliance and the Legiunea ROmana [ROMAN] alliance. These three alliances added approximately 140 pilots to the 120 [SYS-K] had in system already, giving them a large numerical advantage over their opponents.

BURN EDEN received reinforcements from a BricK sQuAD [BR1CK] capital fleet. BR1CK's carriers tried to repair the Erebus piloted by Syrian, but the thirteen carriers and thirteen dreadnoughts they brought with them could not prevent the destruction of the Erebus. The battle continued after the titan destruction as news about the ongoing capital fight spread around the Stain region.

The final numbers indicate that [SYS-K] and their allies destroyed a total of ten carriers, thirteen dreadnoughts and one titan. [BR1CK] and BURN EDEN managed to kill three dreadnoughts and two carriers.

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