EBANK Crisis Prompts Eve Central Reserve To Delay Launch

Raussinen, Lonetrek - Eve Central Reserve (ECR) will not open to the public for at least another two weeks, bank's representatives confirmed.Grendell of Eve Central Reserve

The announcement came after ECR's board of directors decided that the market's turmoil due to EBANK's crisis may overshadow the launch phase of their new service.

Grendell confirmed that ECR's opening has been postponed, adding that its staff will use this time to improve security on the bank's procedures: "it is something needed due to the current state of the secondary market," he said.

LadyOfWrath added that ECR will gauge capsuleers' reactions to the present crisis to improve the bank's procedures, provide more transparency and ultimately reassure the public: "we want fact and figures available at all times," was her comment.

Customer trust in financial ventures has been badly shaken by the recent events. Seraph Castillon, a former EBANK customer, admits that he would not deposit ISK again: "the risk is too high for what you get out of it," he explained.

It is still unknown whether ECR's quest for trasparency will prompt a positive answer by the market: "separation of investment by risk is, we hope, going to be well received," concluded Selene D'Celeste.

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