Three Rare Vessels Stolen And Put Up For Sale by Former KenZoku Pilot

Jita, The Forge - SFShootme recently announced that he had stolen two Raven State Issues and a Tribal Tempest from KenZoku. Only four Raven State Issues and four Tribal Tempest are known to exist and the embezzled vessels are currently estimated to be worth about half a trillion ISK.Raven State Issue Taken By F90OEX

The rare battleships feature unmatched attack and defence capabilities and were originally awarded to the Band of Brothers Alliance, now known as KenZoku, as reward for winning the third alliance tournament.

According to Darax Thulain, a former member of KenZoku, SFShootme had been entrusted to move numerous alliance assets out of Delve.

Darax confirmed he had used SFShootme's courier service several times and without incident: "All that went fine, and he probably moved countless [items]," he said, explaining that SFShootme's betrayal was completely unexpected.

"I was pretty well trusted and had been them with them for years," confirmed SFShootme, adding that he had never really been interested in ISK up to the moment he was tasked to move the precious vessels. "There's a difference for me between a few billion and half a trillion," he admitted.

A few days after the theft, the vessels have already found their way to the market. One of the Raven State Issues is being auctioned by SFShootme himself, while the other has reportedly been 'appropriated' by F90OEX, a well known industrialist, during another auction.

Acting as a third party transfer agent, F90OEX won the Raven State Issue auction on behalf of capsuleer JACKIE M00N. However, once he received the ship from SFShootme, F90OEX decided to give it back to it's rightful owner KenZoku and refund JACKIE M00N the ISK; essentially 'stealing' it back from the original thief.

Finally, the remaining Tribal Tempest is currently being featured as top prize in a lottery held by SFShootme's representative who goes by the name of Ceralio.

"I have good hopes of reaching my minimum amount of required tickets," said SFShootme, adding that a Tribal Tempest is the ship a lot of capsuleers have dreamed of: "[it] should draw a huge audience," he concluded.

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