Pirate Corporations Band Together for 'Hulkageddon'

Sinq Laison , A group of pirate corporations and several capsuleers within empire corporations declared a one day pogrom against empire-based miners; the operation was designated "Hulkageddon" and was spread out over multiple regions and systems with fleet commanders coordinating the times of attack.

Members of approximately eighteen corporations took part, including The Python Cartel. [GROP3], I.M.M. [IMM], The Bastards [BSTRD], and Space Jerks [UJERK] alongside members of the empire corporations The Scope [TS], Garoun Investment Bank [GIB] and Sebiestor Tribe [S]; all willing participants in this self described "terrorist act". According to several reports, the organizer of this attack was Helicity Boson of The Python Cartel.

While the exact motivations behind this act are unknown, Hulkageddon involved a concerted effort to hunt down and destroy empire based miners, despite the certainty of CONCORD intervention. A GalNet notice posted by the offenders claims that the group engaged and destroyed "66 Exhumers, 22 mining barges and 27 pods", with no losses incurred by return fire from their victims.

Attacking ship types, as described by Kobrakilla [UJERK], were "primarily Catalysts and several battleships fitted with smart bombs." In addition to security rating penalties, most of the capsuleers involved lost their ships to the CONCORD response fleets.

Kobrakilla describes "stunned silence" as the only response of their victims to these attacks, followed by other potential targets "docking up en masse." He estimates the combined ship loss for Hulkageddon participants to be approximately "300 disposable ships, paid for by insurance and loot", adding that so many Catalysts were lost to CONCORD that at one point "we bought Jita out of Catalysts."

This attack serves to underscore the continuing need for all capsuleers to be vigilant of their surroundings and exercise due caution regardless of the security status of the system that they are in. Kobrakilla's closing remark serves to further reinforce the point, he states that "this…is not…the end."

None of the victims contacted could be reached for comment.

Battle Report

Hulkageddon Kills

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