Heiian Society Honours Caldari Ideals

New Eden - The Heiian Society recently announced that it is accepting nominations for those corporations whom best represent the Caldari culture and ideals.

Dex Nederland of Lai Dai Infinity Systems [LDIS] said in a recent statement that the society "is accepting nominations for corporations to be honoured as State Corporation of the Year, Non-State Corporation of the Year, and Start-Up Corporation of the Year. The society has "borrowed" PIE Inc.'s idea of public awards and modified them to fit the Caldari ideals which places "success of the group above the success of the individual."

He went on to say "The Heiian Society hopes to enable better networking between Caldari affiliated corporations and help new capsuleers more rapidly find potential employers."

To make a nomination or vote, please see the official announcement , further information on the society can be found here.

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