Ushra'Khan Celebrates Five Years

CATCH - Celebrated as freedom fighters by capsuleers of the Republic and denounced as terrorists by those supporting the Empire, Ushra'Khan [UNITY] recently achieved five years of service to the Minmatar people since the alliance's inception in November of 106.

Flying under the mantra "we are the Ushra'Khan, we come for our people", UNITY's purpose throughout the years has remained mostly unchanged: eliminate slavery by whatever means necessary - specifically throughout Providence and Catch, regions wholly or partially under the rule of Amarrian loyalist alliances.

"We are a movement founded with one goal; to break the chains of slavery that bind our kin", explains Ugleb of UNITY. Born out of a perceived need to overcome what UNITY saw as a pervasive isolationist mentality amongst the Minmatar people, UNITY choose to take the fight beyond the Republic's borders where they first encountered Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA], an alliance that would eventually become UNITY's most powerful enemy.

UNITY's activist mentality has been the subject of much controversy. In particular, UNITY's "free fire" policy in Providence and Catch has been heavily criticized as a form of terrorism with the number of newer, non-Empire loyalist pilots residing in Providence often being cited.

"...if only that dedication could be used for righteousness, holiness, and following God's Will, instead of the murder of innocent pilots in Providence in the name of 'freedom' - perhaps this [uni]verse would truly be a better place," argues Alistair Cononach of CVA. In response, Ugleb cites "the level of Slaver activity and their supporters" in Providence and Catch as the reason for the "free fire warzone" policy.

The effects of UNITY have not just been limited to the conflict between the Republic and Empire. UNITY is perhaps best known among the greater New Eden community for their prolific GalNet commentary driven by notable individuals General Windypops and Butter Dog.

However controversial, UNITY's longevity has no doubt earned them a place in New Eden history along with the respect of many capsuleers. As to the future, Ugleb states, "The work ahead of us remains vast, it is the undertaking of a lifetime, not mere years, but together we move forward."

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UNITY Press Release

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