Breaking News - CVA disband

Breaking News - Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] stunned New Eden just hours ago when they appeared to disband their alliance, and rumours began to circulate.

Elsebeth Rhiannon of Electus Matari, gave her understanding of the situation: "All sorts of rumours are circulating, of course. The most popular one seems to be that it was an inside job, possibly including unauthorised access to Neocom."

CVA breaking down is seen as a good moment for opposing alliances, some believing that it would benefit the Amarr loyalists in Empire Space.

Tigerfish Torpedo of The Crimson Federation gave this statement: "As a lowly Maggot Scum Sucking Pirate [once decreed by Equinox], efforts to destroy CVA couldn't have come as better news! I hope to see Ushra'Khan rebuild their power base in Providence, and will offer my full support in doing so. It's a great day!"

The Ushra'Khan are bitter enemies of CVA, however Spokesperson Sapphrine, expressed his belief that CVA should never be underestimated: "CVA are a monstrous agency for the Amarr, I would never assume that they are down and out. The name may well be gone or there may have been an issue with the concord records of sovereignty, but they still hold a serious amount of wealth and power."

There are a lot of alliances that would like to see the back of CVA, however within the last couple of hours; a temporary alliance was set-up to aid capsuleers under the name of .cva. with an official statement released to explain the situation.

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