Anatomy of a Hot Drop: How ATLAS and Friends Killed a WI. Capital Fleet in West Geminate

AD-5B8, Geminate - In a surprise engagement prepared by Ihatalo Cartel Navy [IHANA] and Black Legion [MEN.], Atlas [ATLAS] hot-dropped Wildly Inappropriate [WI.] capitals in West Geminate, resulting in 50 capital ship kills with minimum losses.

Elo Knight of Black Legion is a former member of ATLAS that "setup a control tower in QP0K-B System in Geminate to draw out fights from WI. and other Alliances. WI. eventually destroyed [the] tower, so he... and Securitas Protector [of Ihatalo Cartel Navy] formed a bait fleet composed of battleships with a few bait carriers."

"The bait fleet attacked the WI. control tower in AD-5B8 [and] WI. cynoed in a capital and support fleet. Elo Knight then lit a cyno field and the ATLAS fleet jumped in. Tallitar in his Sabre held the WI. capitals long enough for most of the ATLAS support to get there... and the ATLAS fleet destroyed nearly all WI. capitals on the field for a... victory."

Wildly Inappropriate. Diplomat Meno Theaetetus said that his alliance "did not see [this] coming" but "now that we know that ATLAS seems to be working under the instructions of these smaller alliances, we will not be making the same mistake again."

Elo Knight reports that other West Geminate Coalition ships were also present at the engagement "but they were not aware of the impending capital fight." Asked to comment on his role in the West Geminate conflict, Elo Knight replied "We are red to [the Coalition]. We just roam around and fight whoever we can. Black Legion is here to [fight] everyone."

Galnet References

[ATLAS Battle Records]( 02:30:00,2009-11-29 03:17:00)
Wildly Inappropriate. Battle Records

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