Intaki Liberation Front Delivers Aid to Intaki Prime

Intaki Prime, Placid - Since May, the Intaki Liberation Front [ILF] has been delivering aid in the form of giant secure containers filled with relief supplies anchored above Intaki Prime in an attempt to ease the shortages the planet is currently suffering from.

Donated items have come from both their own hangars and the market place. Sumerio Rayej of the [ILF] tells as that: "We have to buy the items away from Intaki and then transport them it through low sec to get it to Intaki... I've personally lost one Viator loaded with relief supplies in the effort."

In addition to problems with pirates, Sumerio is also disappointed in the unwillingness of others to help with the relief effort: "We're particularly disappointed that there has apparently been no effort on the part of the Gallente Faction War Militia to assist in the relief effort. In fact, they have been particularly antagonistic to all ILF operations in the area... They see us as enemies of the Federation because we have refused to actively participate in the faction war against the Caldari and I think some of their pilots are insulted by the idea of capsuleers working toward Intaki independence."

So far the relief effort has seen [ILF] donate: "46,036 miniature electronics, 22696 consumer electronics, 100 construction tools, 50 high-tech manufacturing tools, 50 high-tech transmitters, 100 high-tech scanners 100 quafe ultra, 10 rocket fuel, 500 robotics, 20 synthetic oil, 10 hydrogen batteries, 69 superconductors, 1000 planetary vehicles, 4209 mechanical parts, 50 high-tech data chips, 3043 electronic parts, and 27956 antibiotics."

For any capsuleer wanting to help out with the effort, they have been asked to deliver their supplies, including giant secure containers to the Astral Mining Station in Intaki by contracting or trading their supplies to any ILF pilot. Apollonius Verus is in charge of the distribution effort.

On a final note, Sumerio had this to say to any pilot who would doubt their intentions and to the citizens of Intaki Prime: "I can only say that I believe our record speaks for itself. We struggle against piracy and we remain committed to an independent Intaki as the best course for the welfare of our people."

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